This here is a list of words coined to have Zanne in them, of which Zanne was mostly a back-formation of the name Suzanne, which refers to a YTMND user and the Salvo Underground Zone And Nerd Network Enterprise activist group.

as a suffix

nicknames with -zanne in them:

as a prefix

other instances of Zanne

  • Just Zanne by itself is sometimes used in crapflooding of YTMND comments by YTMND user Suzanne, in all caps, ZANNE ZANNE ZANNE (and so on)
  • Sometimes Zanne is used in place of San when lampooning both the names Susan and Suzanne (which are basically just the same name anyhow), for example, Zanne Francisco would work when referring to San Francisco
  • Sault Zanne Vegas, the name of a proposed MP3 album from Suzanne Records, which takes the name Suzanne Vega, and parodies it in a manner that resembles the name Sault Ste. Marie, which is a city in the UP of Michigan. The word Sault is a french word that resembles the word/name Sue in pronounciation, in which gave more opportunities to lampoon words and names.
  • A surname such as Cezanne (like in artist Paul Cezanne) may be similar in pronunciation to the name Suzanne, but one would argue that its too different of a name to be an "alternate spelling", or even just a "portmanteau word" from it.
  • Suzannglish, the name of the special language Suzanne activists speak.

different spelling

this section covers cognates such as Zanna (like in Susanna, or Suzanna, or similar), as well as other ones like Zette, as in Suzette. Also slight misspellings of "Zanne" are also covered.

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