Here are some quotes from YTMND users:

Celebrity quotes used in YTMND sites

  • "You're The Man Now Dog" -Sean Connery
  • "Punch The Keys For God Sake" -Sean Connery

Quotes from YTMND users

  • "You guys need mental help" -max (from a December 2015 chat session when Santabot and JoshCube got deleted.)
  • "hope cannot be deleted" -Santabot
  • "(any 3 words that start with S) (SSS that)" -Suzanne
  • "Take a cue so you don't get sued" -Suzanne
  • "max before you delete my articles and bann me here is something to think. I am only editing the articles that I have created and done before. I am not vandalizing anyone's page and I am helping the YTMND community since I am the only one really using the wiki." -SantabotAI on the Abandonware Wiki

Other celebrity quotes

  • "There is a crack in everything, thats how the light comes in" -Leonard Cohen

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