the title "YTMND Wiki" apparently refers to the homepage of this Wiki, so we made this SUBPAGE to have an article about the history of this unofficial Wiki.

The YTMND Wiki was started by Suzanne (aka Wikia User:Rodanthe) in late 2014 in an effort to make the Suzanne movement more famous on YTMND. During late 2014 and early 2015, User:Rodanthe would be offering accolades other YTMND users for rankings of their sites being on Up and Coming, alongside Top Rated This Week. This would go on for a few months, but has been a subject of controversy on YTMND due to paranoid trolls who take support from free entertainment activists out of context. In the mid part of 2015 Suzanne (aka Rodanthe) would make redblade7 admin of this Wiki in anticipation to possibly abandoning this Wiki when Suzanne contemplated ending her YTMND career. Suzanne's mid-2015 proposal to end her YTMND career would generate some backlash from supports of the Suzanne movement, so this lead to a "double-bind" where enemies of Suzanne would humiliate the user, as well as dox real life people involved with the Salvo Underground Zone And Nerd Network Enterprise activist group.

In August 2015, a disgruntled user would vandalize this wiki to slander the Suzanne movement, then the user got blocked by redblade7. During the course of 2015, Suzanne has announced all sorts of moratoriums on YTMND that some users would disagree with. All these forces of enemies lobbying to ban, as well as slander people involved with the Suzanne movement, alongside supporters protesting moratoriums, and proposals to quit YTMND would result in an awkward double-bind for Suzanne (aka Rodanthe) over the course of 2015.

Even though YTMND user Suzanne got dox'ed on October 19, 2015, User Rodanthe would still maintain this Wiki for safety reasons in case future vandals would vandalize this Wiki. All this backlash would be part of an ongoing Suzamurai Quentin Scandal since SamuraiClinton got slandered during this movement to salvage free entertainment even without malace. Later on in December 2015, SantabotAI and DrewPickles would get banned by Max Goldberg all because a pissed off user reported some weird activity by JoshCube attempting to come back to YTMND.

Even though Suzanne quit YTMND for good, she has started Operation YouTube MND which involves remaking YTMND sites as YouTube videos. Another reason why this is being done is because YTMND could shut down forever since max has largely neglected YTMND in the past 3 years.

During most of 2016, YTMND would largely be quiet, though some big events such as the Gendark01 Anti-Lurg Site Binge Of Spring 2016 would happen. And after a while, YTMND Wiki admin User:Suzanne Supremo (Supremo Zanne) would mostly stop making articles about individual YTMND accounts, since that caused too much controversy about Suzanne's credibility on YTMND.

(more to be added)

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