Some YTMND users mentioned in this article are not mentioned for defamatory purposes, but rather, because it is of historical value, and shall not be taken out of context. We want to ensure a NEUTRAL POINT OF VIEW when documenting YTMND-related events.


This images of an empty Up and Coming was captured by User:Rodanthe (YTMND user Suzanne) on December 17, 2015 @1:12AM EST. This would be one of the rare occurrences of YTMND having no sites on Up and Coming.


A December 12, 2015 screenshot of the front page where only three sites are in Up and Coming. It is likely that users became more hesitant to vote on sites since they feared harassment from trolls who falsely accused them of "using alts".


One day later on December 13, 2015, only two sites are on up and coming, presumably this Suzamurai Quentin Scandal scared users into boycotting YTMND.


Only one site on up and coming on December 14, 2015

On December 2015, voting of sites has largely stalled. It is likely that this boycott incident of December 2015 has happened because max has banned good users such as SantabotAI and DrewPickles when he banned lots of JoshCube alts.

Before this incident occurred, trolls were harassing innocent users over Suzanne's antics from months ago. Also, Umfuld's tensions with Locke5 may have added up to this too.

It could be that since YTMND is a dying website, activists of the Intrepid YTMND Alliance suspect that users are boycotting voting because they think the "life support" of YTMND stalled because of gr33nscr33n dox'ing users.

Earlier in 2015, Suzanne tried the idea of self-imposed moratoriums for safety reasons. This ongoing Suzamurai Quentin Scandal also plays a role in this boycott.

This voting boycott may soon lead to up and coming being empty. It could be that this voting boycott may put an end to YTMND for good. But shortly after Up and Coming became empty, some users upvoted a few sites to get it to be occupied again, but will this last long?

Users suspected to have caused this boycott

  • max (because of Santabot, JoshCube and Lurg user deletions)
  • Locke5 (because of his nosy attitude on YTMND users, concerning their voting habits and affiliation with his enemies)

Indirect suspects

These suspects are not direct causes, but their actions may have lead to trolls on YTMND harassing each other into causing a boycott.

  • Suzanne (because this user was the "life support" of YTMND, and quit as a result of gr33nscr33n coercing this user to quit after being dox'ed, so which this boycott is part of the ongoing Suzamurai Quentin Scandal)
  • vtech (because his harassment of accusing users of being "alts" of Suzanne were based on loyalty to the Suzanne movement, combined with these users not having much of a reputation on YTMND. All this anti-Suzanne propaganda from vtech may have scared other users into feeling unsafe on YTMND which may have lead to users being hesitant to vote on sites after Suzanne got dox'ed in October 2015)

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