YTMND Proper is an alternative name for the website known as

The name was coined as a way to differentiate the concept of making YTMND-esque sites on other websites, from the actual website which had sites made for humor.

Culture of YTMND

YTMND had some classic fads such as NEDM, Epic maneuver, P1ZZ4 GUY, Conan is, Cake song, You forgot Poland, LOL, Internet, Butt racing, Moskau, etc., thats one of the many things that enticed some YTMND users to make more sites.


In the Prezanne Era of YTMND, things got tense, then in the Suzanne Era of YTMND, users started to harass each other more, and failed to understand Suzanne's attempts to help underprivileged users have higher site ratings. With the dox'ing that gr33nscr33n did, as well as the harassment other users put Suzanne through, as well as her allies, Suzanne had to devise a plan to take a YTMNDetour from all this harassment, and eventually started Operation YouTube MND so she could remake some YTMND sites as YouTube videos to define a new generation of YTMND-esque humor. So the term YTMND Proper was coined so we could refer to the actual website YTMND, while Suzanne went off relocating free entertainment activism resources to other websites since many YTMND users are ungrateful for the message Suzanne tried to give to users.

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