Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid is woman's avatar.

woman is a YTMND user who has an ambiguous gender and leader of the Intrepid YTMND Alliance.

He is perhaps best known as the inventor of the Impurity fad.


note: YTMND user woman doesn't make "friends" or "enemies" official on YTMND Frienemies section.


woman and ReiHino

YTMND user ReiHino (fka redblade7) is a fan of woman. Both are practicing Catholics, though they come from different perspectives. woman is a traditionalist Catholic and a sedevacantist, while ReiHino supports the legitimacy of the Vatican and is only slightly left of it on certain teachings. ReiHino has for years been a lector at his local church.

woman and ReiHino are also both fans of Alex Jones.

Taste in entertainment

YTMND user woman is an activist of the Salvo Underground Zone And Nerd Network Enterprise, in which he cares about salvaging free entertainment. This user also likes the video game Metal Gear Solid, so which he makes sites that parody that video game.

because it's incomplete, or could use more items.

Two month disappearance

  • On February 21st, 2015, it was noticed that YTMND user woman hasn't been on in a week, so YTMND user Suzanne made the site Where the hell is woman? as a response to this apparent absence of the user. This also marks the first friday of YTMND since maybe mid 2014 that woman hasn't been on YTMND.

MIA in 2016

YTMND user woman hasn't been online since late December 2015. However, YTMND user SupremoZanne has released an album titled Siouxzanne's Intrepid Soundtrack under the record label Intrepid Records.

It appears like user woman has been in hiding because of some drama that Locke5 caused on YTMND in 2015.


  • Darth woman (because he is good friends with DarthWang)
  • Snakezanne
  • Solid Snake
  • Solidzanne
  • Siouxzanne, pronounced the same as "Suzanne", since he has some things in common with this famous YTMND user of 2015. Also another use of the zanne suffix

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