Due to technical limitations, regarding the spam filter, the actual title is WannabeGayNigger.
comment:them dumb niggers

WannabeGayNigger is a YTMND user. He is Superdreamkilla's current account.

2015 hiatus

WannabeGayNigger was mostly dormant during the year of 2015. Presumably be remained dormant because he didn't want users to assume he was a "Suzanne alt" like some other users were mistaken to be. His 2015 hiatus, or rather being dormant that year may have been used as a defense to make sure max didn't ban him since that is what happened to SantabotAI and JohnnyLurg during the December 2015 JoshCube incident.

a fan of the GNAA?

It was alleged that Superdreamkilla had a soft spot for the Gay Nigger Association Of America trolling organization, but it is also likely that Chad Warden's phrase "gay nigga" may have influenced this choice of username too.

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