WBLJ is the name of a fad started by YTMND user Suzanne.

The radio station call letters "WBLJ" come from a South Park-related MP3 from many years ago in which is also a parody of Titanic.

Leonard Cohen is portrayed as the "announcer" for WBLJ on some YTMND sites made by Suzanne.

Sites associated with fad

Sites by Suzanne

Other sites using the WBLJ/Titanic audio:

Deletion of Suzanne's WBLJ-related sites

Note that all of Suzanne's sites about WBLJ have been deleted due to the Suzamurai Quentin Scandal in October of 2015. So in reponse to that, a Suzanne Records album titled WBLJ 69.5 FM Favorites has been proposed to somewhat mitigate this misfortune.

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