Video Game™ is a fad that was started on August 21, 2015, one day after Suzanne started her moratorium on YTMND (though a few hours after since a site announcing the moratorium was made on the same day this fad started). This fad was started by Locke5

These Video Game™ sites have parodied commercials for Atari 2600 video games (as well as its ports for arcade games of the 80s).

Suzanne made some Video Game™ sites of her own as a friendly gesture, as well as a last ditch effort to stop Locke5 from attacking hostages of the YouTube Copyfraud Hostage Crisis, and to stop him from attacking harmless YTMND users with racist personalities, maybe Locke5 made these sites as "honeytraps" for some malicious plot he had when attacking users.


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