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Up and Coming is a section of YTMND where sites made in the last 4 days with votes of 3 stars or more end up. Site have to have at least 5 votes or greater to qualify.



This images of an empty Up and Coming was captured by User:Rodanthe (YTMND user Suzanne) on December 17, 2015 @1:12AM EST. This would be one of the rare occurrences of YTMND having no sites on Up and Coming. This was part of the December 2015 YTMND Voting Boycott.

Up and Coming has been a subject of controversy because sometimes it invites total assholes to leave insulting comments on site profile, and sometimes they are directed to the authors of sites. Sometimes U&C would be used to discriminate against users for altvoting, even when there is no evidence to confirm it.

Up and Coming has been empty on some occasions since JoshCube's spam incident of December 2015:

It's reasons for being empty is because users have been scared away from YTMND by The Evil Empire Of Glocke Nation Five And Featured Fagotry, so alot of users who still log onto YTMND and show up on spy are too scared to vote since their voting log has been a subject of some false accusations of altvoting

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