The Unnamed soundtrack album for letsago or partyy mouse is a placeholder name for a yet-to-be-released soundtrack album that's going to contain music from YTMND sites made by user letsago, as well as music from partyy mouse sites.

Proposed content for the content

music genres

  • R&B, the preferred music genre for user letsago
    • gangsta rap, what is most commonly heard in letsago's partyy mouse sites
    • new jack swing, another music genre heard in some of letsago's sites
    • P-funk
      • G-funk, the gangsta rap form of P-funk
  • other genres could get included too if the album producer views more letsago sites with songs to nominate.
  • TV and movie dialogue is also nominated since some of letsago's more recent sites also have something similar like that.
  • possibly music from partyy mouse sites by users other than letsago himself

sites & fads for music ideas

  • partyy mouse, what letsago is most famous for, as well as the primary idea for this album
  • heffer's mom, another thing letsago is famous for
  • miscellaneous sites, some of them may have worthy music too.

Album title ideas

  • letsago's Intrepid Soundtrack, candidate for an Intrepid Records album.
  • letsago's Greatest Hits, candidate for album title if any record label other than Suzanne or Intrepid is chosen.
  • partyy mouse: The Album, if music from partyy mouse sites other than just letsago gets included
    • The partyy mouse Album, another variation of the title
  • The mouse partyy, and similar title ideas:
    • The mouse's dance partyy
  • partyy jams
  • and other ideas may be brainstormed later on...

Proposed theme

The primary idea for this album will be music from partyy mouse sites, as well as album art derived from partyy mouse GIFs. Other than that, it is unclear what other design theme will be for the album

Multiple albums and/or discs?

The planning of this album isn't just anticipated to be one album release, there are other possibilities of this album, ranging from a virtual box set of multiple "discs", to multiple separate album releases, since songs from partyy mouse sites made by users other than letsago himself are also being contemplated for this unnamed proposed album.

Record label

It is unclear what record label this letsago soundtrack will be distributed under, but here's a list of candidate record labels for it:

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