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Umfuld is a YTMND user who mostly downvotes sites.

On October 2015, it is alleged that Umfuld has used some alts to downvote sites. It is likely that Umfuld may have heard about fans of his being harassed while Locke5 was castigating them for supports of the Suzanne movement, but it is unclear of Umfuld's alt downvoting on Locke5 has anything to do with YTMND user Suzanne's demise.

Since Umfuld has downvoted Suzanne sites before, this could indicate that Umfuld's revenge downvoting on Locke5's sites could be an unrelated incident. It was also noticed that Umfuld alts have downvoted sites made by Suzanne activists.

After some time in the remainder of October 2015, it was noticed that Locke5 has been bitching less about Suzanne since Umfuld has kept him busy after all this time. Umfuld has also mass-downvoted other sites too, of which he's taken things so personally over stupid YTMND comments.

The Umfuld username would be deleted on April 17, 2017. This is perhaps the oldest account on YTMND to be deleted by max, by as many as almost 11 years.

Former alts

  • Umfold (misspelt form of name)
  • Tile
  • Stephens
  • Cumion
  • more to be added

Suspect of the Bally Thin downvoting incident

In October of 2016, Umfuld would be a prime suspect of the The Bally Thin Downvoting Incident Of October 2016, alongside gr33nscr33n.


  • Batman
  • Umfag

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