Tricked Ya! is a name of a fad started by YTMND user Suzanne on August 2015.


The fad Tricked Ya! involves 3D TEXT of the phrase TRICKED YA! with Larry Craig rotating his tongue uttering the phrase "I have been gay", which is a fad that is intended to bring Larry Craig back to the spotlight. The sites titles for this fad consist of "(insert celebrity name here) gets arrested again.", of which is a fad that is intended to convince Internet users that celebrities who were arrested before were arrested again.

Assets associated with fad:

  • asset 6368085 (Larry Craig rotating his tongue while on a toilet seat) (foreground tile image)
  • asset 6368096 (Larry Craig uttering the phrase "I have been gay!") (audio for site)

Sites thus far

None of these links work anymore

-the preview image uses Leonard Cohen's face next to the Goatse image)

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