The Mumbo-Jumbo PM Spam Incident Of 2015 was an event on YTMND that would scare some trolls from The Evil Empire Of Glocke Nation Five And Featured Fagotry, and possibly the Krooked Kopyfraud Krew into terrorizing Suzanne, and activists of the associated activist group by making false accusations of alt abuse.

The Mumbo-Jumbo PM Spam Incident of 2015 started when former user Mumbo-Jumbo started spamming nonsensical and weird messages towards several different users.


This incident happened sometime between May and November of 2015

Mumbo-Jumbo's incident would put The Evil Empire Of Glocke Nation Five And Featured Fagotry on high alert and call out Suzanne's alts without any will to negotiate for peace. Later on this would result in a feud that redblade7 had with Locke5 over the wiki, and this would lead to more drama on YTMND about Suzanne.

After Suzanne deleted sites on Ocrober 19, 2015, vtech (still to this day suspected to be Locke5) would get bored and start to assume that Mumbo-Jumbo was redblade7, and this would kinda change the course of the incident. Then vtech quit YTMND for good later in November not too long after Umfuld stopped his attacks on Locke5 which occurred during the final days of vtech's YTMND user activity.

It is unclear if Mumbo-Jumbo continued to spam PMs through late November and beyond, and this could explain why Locke5 kept terrorizing redblade7 in the later part of 2015, and this may have lead Locke5 to lie to JohnnyLurg by falsifying redblade7 as a "Santabot alt".

The Suzanne activist group would earn a bad reputation over Mumbo-Jumbo's PM spam, since it was a result of trolls from The Evil Empire Of Glocke Nation Five And Featured Fagotry possibly looking for excuses to terrorize hostages of the YouTube Copyfraud Hostage Crisis since that was the best guess for reasons why all this alt account false accusation mischief happened over Mumbo-Jumbo's PM spam. Another issue YTMND had at that time, was users other than Suzanne (even ones within the Suzanne activist group) were distraught over matters unrelated to the hostage crisis Warner Music Group provoked on YouTube in the late 2000s. Many others who were against free entertainment activism seemed to be indifferent to the YouTube Copyfraud Hostage Crisis, but since they seemed to look for unrelated issues to bitch about while terrorizing hostages, Supremo Zanne suspects the trolling and false accusations to be a coverup to some sinister agenda of the Krooked Kopyfraud Krew.

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