Due to the spam filter, the actual title is Evil Empire Of Faggotry

The Evil Empire Of Faggotry or The Evil Empire Of Featured Faggytry, shortened as TEEOF or TEEOFF respectively, is a group of bad guys on YTMND. They are the biggest enemy of the Intrepid YTMND Alliance.


Official members

Unofficial members

Unofficial activists who support TEEOF

Note: that almost all activists of Goldberg Nation are also in favor of TEEOF as well.

Real users

Alts of somebody

These accounts are possible alts of somebody in TEEOF

  • vtech, he was also an accomplice and whiteknight of Locke5 exposing trade secrets of the Intrepid YTMND Alliance to other TEEOF members. Could be one of these users:
    • Locke5
    • BTVagrant
    • beatingadeadhorseoff
    • LordL (vtech's stalking of Suzanne is similar to LordL's stalking of DougFukkie)
    • Umfuld
    • k0mputer
    • jimmm (since he's leaked peoples' PMs to gr33nscr33n)

Users who fence sit between TEEOF and IYA activism

Other names

  • The Evil Empire Of Featured Faggy Users, since the Featured Faggs have overlap with TEEOF members
  • The Evil Empire Of Formerly Featured Faggy Users, since alot of TEEOF members are now former users of YTMND, other than FormerlyFeaturedFaggyUser himself.

faggotry misspelt

  • The Evil Empire Of Faggytry (faggotry is misspelt since the spam filter disallows that word in article titles)
  • The Evil Empire Of Featured Faggytry (this nickname was chosen to illustrate the connection between TEEOF, and the Featured Faggs, which is described by the featured faggytry concept)


  • The Evil Empire Of Faggotry is also called The Evil Empire Of Featured Faggytry since the Featured Faggs are in favor of it.
  • The word faggotry isn't allowed in Wikia articles, so it was misspelt as faggytry to circumvent Wikia's system of excluding some words from article titles, as well as pay homage to a portion of the username FormerlyFeaturedFaggyUser, since that YTMND account is associated with gr33nscr33n who is second in charge of TEEOF after Umfuld.

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