The Barney Bunch was an Internet troll group in the 2000s which was known for YouTube videos and YTMND sites featuring shock humor and gay jokes. They were also active on Newgrounds, from which they were banned.

Their videos were very formulaic, consisting of still-frame slide shows and text-to-speech character voices (mostly using Speakonia and Microsoft Sam). They were centered mainly around four characters who would talk about how gay they were.

The four characters were:

There were also similar formulas, such as "Secret Missing Episodes" of TV shows, the New England Patriots, "Grover's Gay Gang," and a group of gay emo kids.

Many YTMND users, including JohnnyLurg, DougFukkie, TwistedBarney, RetardedBarney, SovietBarney, and redblade7, were members of the Barney Bunch or made Barney Bunch videos.

The Barney Bunch fell apart in the late 2000s, mainly due to disagreements on whether the Barney Bunch should be about trolling people or making videos in that style.

See Also

  • Bladeform, whose choice of TTS voice was based on Barney Bunch arguments over how to portray Drew Pickles
  • Santabot Race War, where redblade7 was also criticized due to development of characters and introduction of new ones

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