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Main examples

Almost all nicknames for this user are also synonymous with the Salvo Underground Zone And Nerd Network Enterprise itself.

And many other Suzanne-like names refer to the YTMND user:

and many others...

And some names that parody the Suzanne name family:

Names coined for or to lampoon other personalities

This list of other users with similar names is being slowly transferred to the Suzanne-like name (parody) article since it has kinda gotten out of control.

YTMND user DarthWang

  • Suzannakin Skywalker (lampoons the name Anakin Skywalker, in which Darth Vader was his alter ego.)

YTMND user DrewPickles

  • Drewzanne

YTMND user ismellpussy

Johnny Lurg

  • Lurgzanne

YTMND user Kacen

Names coined to lampoon user Kacen, with Suzanne anciticated to have sites outnumber this user:

YTMND user redblade7

Also refers to User:Redblade7 on Wikia.

  • Bladezanne
  • Redzanne

YTMND user SantabotAI

Since SantabotAI is a Suzanne activist, this is why he has nicknames that pay homage to YTMND user Suzanne.

  • Santa Susanna
  • Santa SusannAI
  • Santabot FAI
  • Santabot FeI
  • Santa Suz Ana
  • Santazanne
  • Susquehanta (lampoons the name Susquehanna which is suspected to be related to the Suzanne name family)
  • SuzanneAI
  • Suzanta
  • Suzantabot
  • SuzantabotAI
  • Zanneta
  • Zannetabot
  • ZannetabotAI

YTMND user woman

Names outside of the Suzanne name family

  • Luka Skywalker
    • chosen as an homage to Luke Skywalker and Suzanne Vega's song Luka, chosen to honor DarthWang after coning the name Suzannakin Skywalker to refer to DarthWang with.
    • Luka Whang, as per Suzanne's efforts to be like DarthWang, as well as being another homage to Suzanne Whang.
  • Jedi Whang (homage to DarthWang, as well as celebrity Suzanne Whang, because Suzanne is trying to outdo DarthWang in site count)
  • Major Tom
    • homage to Tom's Diner by Suzanne Vega which was a testbed for MP3 development, also because its a character made by David Bowie whom doesn't depend on music to make money, which is why David Bowie's music should be free of charge instead.), this name would also refer to redblade7.
  • Nadine

nicknames for Suzanne's merger with Nisa

Proposed nicknames and portmanteau words in case of some possible future merger with the Salvo Underground Zone And Nerd Network Enterprise's current-day competitor Nunica Internet Social Alliance:

*Nuni Q, an alliance has just formed between Nisa and [[Suzanne].

because it's incomplete, or could use more items.

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