This disambiguation page for the name Suzanne has been simplified to refer more to the most common uses of the name on YTMND during the year 2015. If you want to see the previous edits made to the page to its convoluted state, and other subjects that the name "Suzanne" refers to, look at associated subpage for more info.

Suzanne can refer to:

  • Celebrities that the activist group pays tribute to, or lampoons:
    • Suzanne Somers, serves as the "avatar" for YTMND user Suzanne, and mascot of the Suzanne movement.
    • Suzanne Vega, "mother of the MP3" is why Suzanne was chosen as the name of an activist group, even though references to her were overshadowed when Suzanne Somers because the mascot instead. For reasons unknown, she would fall into obscurity when Somers made more cameos in YTMND sites.
  • Songs used within the activist group:
  • For other celebrities, songs, etc. named "Suzanne", see the Suzanne/archive draft subpage for a previous rendition of this disambiguation page, since the main disambiguation page was consolidated after it got out of control.


The Suzanne subject has been splitting into so many articles, more subpages need to be created for here.

Note: these are subpages to give more info to disambiguate Suzanne.

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