Just because YTMND seems to be "silent" doesn't mean the drama is over.

The Suzamurai Quentin Scandal, or Scandal Q, or SQandal, or The Susan Cident is the name applied to a scandal involving YTMND user Suzanne, and her allies has gone on for about half of the time that YTMND user Suzanne has been online, being most of the year 2015. This scandal would also involve SamuraiClinton since some YTMND users have tried to call him out as the real life identity of YTMND user Suzanne after being offended by some shocking sites, notably racist Moon Man ones, as well as Goatse sites that made fun of Leonard Cohen, which many of Suzanne's enemies hated, likely indicating that they were unaware that the name Suzanne was also a Leonard Cohen song title, and they didn't even act like Leonard Cohen fans when opposing Goatse being in YTMND sites.

Causes for the scandal

gr33nscr33n spam

The scandal has started as a response to FormerlyFeaturedFaggyUser (often known as gr33nscr33n) spamming links to SamuraiClinton's family. The possible reason why FormerFagUser spammed links to SamuraiClinton's family, could have something to do with Suzanne's mistake of mentioning SamuraiClinton in some comments of some sites.

Later on other users would expose personal info similar to how gr33nscr33n would.

Allegations of Suzanne spamming YTMND

One issue with YTMND in general, is that trolls tend to write off comments as "spam", even if it is just an honest user being ambitious with creativity.

Over time, enemies of Suzanne would be annoyed with routine creation of sites and comments. Suzanne would be one of the most generous users on YTMND, and would upvote sites as a way to "donate" stardom to other users, and the comments Suzanne would leave on sites were meant to show support. However, enemies would write this off as "spam" and fear that Suzanne was trying to take over YTMND instead of salvage it with valiant activism for a good cause.

gr33nscr33n would keep accusing Suzanne for spam while spamming links himself, seeing as gr33nscr33n would try to slander SamuraiClinton by spamming links to family members of him, which is mentioned above.

It is likely that users were just jealous of this user being so generous, and felt mocked when this user would announce accolades when other users' sites would be launched into Up and Coming. Another concern about this accolade system, was that some users were concerned about being dox'ed.

One issue YTMND has in general, is that it seems to have more spammers, than honest people who show real support for other users. On top of that, some users allege that there were more alt accounts than active users during 2015. With the ongoing Scandal Q, long time users on YTMND have been subjected to much worse trolls that user Suzanne appeared to imitate behavior of. All this tells us that YTMND simply isn't safe for free entertainment activsm.

Suzanne would also try to convince users that the Nunica Internet Social Alliance, or Nisa was an entirely different activist group which was a "competitor" or the Salvo Underground Zone And Nerd Network Enterprise, but trolls simply just took the liberty to call out these being the "same user" rather than give the BENEFIT OF A DOUBT.

It has recently been realized that YTMND has a "guilty until proven innocent" mentality.

Ban Suzanne sites

All sorts of Ban Suzanne sites have been made by angry users over time in which were a part of how this scandal occurred. Those two users tried to call out YTMND user Suzanne, since they were pissed off over Goatse sites, as well as racist ones (particularly Moon Man ones).

Alborghett'd fad

A fad titled Alborghett'd which was started by user xcxc, alongside his ally theman1223354 being involved posting an image of some politician from South America uttering some Portuguese phrase, while using different titles as a ruse to get users to click the site. When other users followed suit with this fad, it lead to the start of detractors making Ban Suzanne sites. Perhaps theman1223354 and xcxc weren't seen again because of the bad outcome.

Suzanne sites that enemies hated

Many of Suzanne's enemies hated racist Moon Man sites that user Suzanne made, or virtually any site with the N-word in them. Another set of sites that offended many of Suzanne's enemies were sites mentioning Leonard Cohen that involved posting Goatse. Another set of sites that may have offended enemies into calling out Suzanne also involved I'm going to post this every day until you like it. sites that were made as an attempt to continue DougFukkie's legacy of lemonparty-esque spam sites.

YTMND user Suzanne was not ardently racist, but rather made Moon Man sites more for the purpose of "blending in" with YTMND's culture, and sometimes used the n word just for shock value similar to Howard Stern. And and all, Suzanne was meant to offer more variety in YTMND sites, and for offering honor and comfort for YTMND users.

All Suzanne sites would be deleted as a response to SamuraiClinton's family being contacted.

Allegations of Suzanne abusing alts

While user Suzanne had sites appearing on Up and Coming alot during The Suzanne Era Of YTMND, some users would rant and rave about Suzanne using alts to upvote sites. Innocent users would be harassed by trolls for being "Suzanne alts" which they were not. Suzanne had a handful of supporters, but yet Suzanne kept being accused of "using alts" to get onto up and coming.

After Suzanne deleted all her sites on the 19th of October over SamuraiClinton's family getting emailed by vtech, though we originally thought gr33nscr33n did it as per gr33nscr33n's bad reputation for stalking others in general.

Leonard Cohen's Goatse addiction

See also: Goatse Cohen, Leonard Cohen (fad), Leonard Cohen

All sorts of Goatse sites were being made by YTMND user Suzanne, and some users hated this. This lead to some users downvoting the sites. Alot of these sites would have the name "Leonard Cohen" in the title, since this was part of a bait-and-switch operation for users to see Goatse whenever Leonard Cohen was mentioned. This proved to be rather controversial.

Vandalism on the YTMND Wiki

Over time, the YTMND Wiki has been vandalized by User:Sadgasm5 (thought to be Locke5), and the vandalism had a similar personality to some trolling on YTMND. The vandalism from this user also consisted of mentioning real life names alot, of which is part of trolling on YTMND. Redblade7 got really annoyed by this, and eventually handed the YTMND Wiki back to User:Rodanthe. Now, other users are editing the YTMND Wiki to make note of this scandal that has been going on.

Harassing of innocent YTMND users

While Suzanne was trying to offer comfort to YTMND users (while ironically shocking them with Goatse whenever Leonard Cohen was mentioned), trolls and other users would harass innocent YTMND users by accusing them of being "alts" of Suzanne when they weren't, there was also incident of gr33nscr33n harassing Johnny Lurg under the assumption that he was also Suzanne, and he would harass Lurg over things Suzanne did. There has also been incidents of users ratting out one-another while harassment was at its peak during late 2015. After Suzanne got dox'ed in October 2015.

Eavesdropping of users

Over time during The Suzanne Era of YTMND, YTMND users would eavesdrop PMs between users, as well as printscreen un-removable comments to embarrass users. Sites would be made by trolls in an attempt to discredit YTMND user Suzanne, and be ungrateful for any constructive deeds this user did for other YTMND users.

But for safety and security reasons, we aren't just going to immediately disclose examples of YTMND users who committed this offense.

Infighting and feuds on YTMND

On YTMND, many users have feuded with one another over stupid situations. When all these feuds happened, they came off as a CUE (sometimes dubbed a "Q to Susie", pun intended), or rather an EARLY WARNING to back off somewhat from YTMND. Suzanne would try to warn users about how serious things were when responding to the negative energy other users were subjected to. She was also a witness to some mishaps members of Various questionable YTMND gangs would put Free Entertainment Union members through.

Some of this even lead to the Suzanne Era End Date Debate since Suzanne had her "hands tied" with some DOUBLE BIND involving trying to quit YTMND after gr33nscr33n tried to dox activist, as well as the tensions of loyal activists rudely reacting to entice her to continue her YTMND career. Suzanne would never cause drama, she always had this knack to break up other users' feuds, but one problem with this, is that they took out of context, the FREE ENTERTAINMENT activism the Salvo Underground Zone And Nerd Network Enterprise activist group was trying to offer as COMFORT for getting entertainment for free, while UPVOTING other users' sites as a philanthropic contribution to be regarded as the user who would never drag anybody down. But all sorts of misunderstandings lead to tensions between users over all this time.

The Unofficial YTMND Wiki

During the year 2015, many edits were made on this very wiki for YTMND. User:Rodante (aka Supremo Zanne) started this wiki with the intent to both archive history on Golden Era, and Pre-Suzanne Era fads, as well as act as a "newspaper" for events happening on YTMND during 2015. However, this proved to be controversial since Suzanne Rodanthe (aka YTMND user Suzanne) has documented some events of YTMND on here. Tensions grew between YTMND users likely because articles were being made about them on this Wiki. Even this Wiki itself has documented this event of Scandal Q. It has also been speculated that this wiki explains why Suzanne and some other users got deleted for good in 2016.

While articles on this wiki were made about YTMND users, there were various reasons why each user (or account) had its own article. Comments Suzanne made to announce these accolades would be downvoted by jealous users, so which proves that lots of users who made it to up and coming would be ungrateful for their achievements, and assumed that Suzanne was out to dox them, when doxing was not part of the agenda.

Security measures taken during the scandal

As a response to being under fire, YTMND user Suzanne has had lots of moratoriums, of which happened in the months of June, August, September, then October, but even with an October moratorium, a disgruntled user still contacted a family member of SamuraiClinton, which has lead to the more extreme security measure of Suzanne deleting all her sites, then resigning from being a YTMND user.

Since all of YTMND user Suzanne's sites have been deleted, this has also eliminated many of gr33nscr33n's spam of links to SamuraiClinton's family. Alot of YTMND footprint was being reduced for reasons similar to why JohnnyLurg reduced his Internet footprint over time.

So far, some users stopped making anti-Suzanne sites since then. While YTMND user Suzanne took security measures, SantabotAI would keep disagreeing with these security measures, however redblade7 would be in favor of these security measures, since redblade7 is a real Suzanne activist. It could be that the deletion of all of Suzanne's sites may put and end to users being accused of being "Suzanne alts", but we have yet to find out.

Due to gr33nscr33n's stalking and spam, one of SamuraiClinton's family members even deactivated their Facebook account. So this is a warning of how dangerous YTMND has become. Other security measures taken during this scandal involve some weird users being blocked form this Wiki while redblade7 was admin, until he handed it back to User:Rodanthe (aka YTMND user Suzanne).

At the behest of the GLOCKE5, Suzanne made a proposal to shut down the YTMND Wiki. This was vehemently and heroically fought by redblade7 and SantabotAI, as if Suzanne (and, by implication, the GLOCKE5) succeeded, over 1,000 articles would disappear into thin air simply because Locke5, gr33nscr33n, and others were threatening one person, that is, YTMND user Suzanne.

December 2015

See also: December 2015 YTMND Voting Boycott

This images of an empty Up and Coming was captured by User:Rodanthe (former YTMND user Suzanne) on December 17, 2015 @1:12AM EST. This would be one of the rare occurrences of YTMND having no sites on Up and Coming. Its possible that users have boycotted voting as a result of Suzanne being falsely accused of using alts to upvote.


Alexa's report on YTMND web traffic as of New Years Eve 2015. [1] It is likely that Suzanne's demise, along with other users deleting sites too may have lead to this decline of web traffic. This lack of traffic may explain why JoshCube tried to spam YTMND in early December 2015.

On December 8th, 2015, max has deleted some users who happened to be activists of the Suzanne movement, namely SantabotAI and DrewPickles. Also, lots of JoshCube sites were spammed on December 7th 2015 some hours prior to this incident, in which it may have had something to do with this scandal. Since there has been no official end to Scandal Q, this is why its possible that gr33nscr33n may have set up this JoshCube incident during the 7th of December.

Users who deleted all their sites in December 2015, possibly because of this ongoing scandal:

A * indicates users who got deleted by max.

A ** indicates users who got deleted in February 2016 over Locke5 lying to max.

A *** indicates users who deleted themselves and their sites voluntarily, and whose accounts were deleted when the * and ** accounts were deleted.

As another security measure, Intrepid YTMND Alliance member woman stopped logging on for good in fear of Locke5 ratting out woman since Locke5 was still a member of the IYA at the time.

January 2016

During Januray 2016, YTMND had no conflict with dox'ing, or anti-Suzanne propaganda. During this time, Supremo Zanne, or former YTMND user Suzanne has been taking a new approach at continuing the legacy of the Suzanne character by remaking old YTMND sites as YouTube videos for some YouTube channels associated with the Salvo Underground Zone And Nerd Network Enterprise activist group since Suzanne has figured that free entertainment activism is more important than being a YTMND user. Lets hope that this scandal doesn't bleed over into YouTube.

Unlike YTMND, YouTube allows users to delete comments, and block users in case trouble sprouts. If gr33nscr33n were to use YouTube, he'd get blocked in no time, but since YTMND doesn't have the luxury of removing comments and blocking users, this is why YTMND isn't so safe compared to other websites. With the Suzamurai Quentin Scandal occurring on YTMND, this is why Supremo Zanne is looking for other websites to spread Suzanne activism on.

In late January 2016, it was noticed that YTMND has had a slight increase of popularity after another analysis of the graph of traffic to the website, so maybe YTMND is gonna rely on a campaign entirely different from the Suzanne movement which flopped and lead to a scandal in 2015.

March 2016

Further security measures have been taken on this wiki in late February 2016 to ensure that YTMND users stay safe in the future. These security measures will involve avoiding mention of YTMND user activity in 2016, except for a very few select subjects to talk about for 2016. Users that User:Rodanthe made an BUREAUCRAT a while ago had to be blocked indefinitely during that month on this Wiki due to concerns about those users possibly betraying the founder.

April 2016

April 2016 would be a time of RedKrabs7 Day, aka Mr. Krabs' 7th birthday. On this day, user SupremoZanne would get banned by max due to all sorts of DougFukkie-esque sites made to celebrate Mr. Krabs birthday. This month, SupremoZanne would get banned due to tensions from users. This month, max would also hijack the SupremoZanne account to delete sites on it.

On April 12, 2016, a newly created Wikia user named User:Attackofthecatpeople69 (generally believed to be Locke5) frightened and blackmailed Suzanne into eliminating this Wiki's references to Locke5 and hide articles Locke5 hated (such as Moon Man and Black Santabot) into separate "NSFW" sections (despite that the Wiki is full of YTMND content, only some racist material which historically angered Locke5 was hidden). This user also frightened and blackmailed Suzanne to help him set up a fraudulent wiki devoid of references to Suzanne, obviously his only plan was to mock and scare Suzanne for fun, as only 12 articles were made on the Wiki before the account disappeared.

May 2016

May 2016 would be a very quiet month for Scandal Q, though an unrelated event titled the Gendark01 Anti-Lurg Site Binge Of Spring 2016 would happen during this time.

June 2016 and beyond

During this time, the SUSIE Quarantine would begin to protect Suzanne from further trolling, and the Suzanne activist group would be put into HIBERNATION to avoid any further infighting between official members, since some official members would become too traumatized to be at speaking terms with one-another.

In July 2017, after over a year of no activity on Locke5's fake attempt at a censored fake Wiki, Suzanne and YTMND user ReiHino took down Locke5's fake Wiki, with the blackmail explained on the front page and pages wiped with links to their location on the current YTMND wiki.

Future of YTMND regarding this scandal

There is no definite outcome on the future of YTMND years from now. With trolls that downvoted Suzanne sites, as well as try to slander activists of the Suzanne movement, it is likely that max may start charging money for membership on YTMND. And for all we know, could it be likely that the trolls who harassed Suzanne and activists would rather pay money for their membership of YTMND than join a free entertainment activist group. Not enough people sponsor YTMND sites, so thats another likely reason.

Who knows if this ongoing scandal could lead to changes in YTMND's policy in signing up for new accounts. Since max may be runnning out of money, thats another reason why YTMND could start charging money for future members to sign up, it could also mean that YTMND users may have to pay monthly fees to continue membership.

There is no definite possibility of YTMND charging monthly fees for user membership years from now, but tensions between users have sparked some speculation on awkward outcomes regarding YTMND's future.

Other speculation has occurred that max may also end up muting audio from YTMND sites in a manner similar to how YouTube had audio muted in some YouTube videos over some copyrighted songs. With the attitude that Goldberg Nation, TEEOF and Featured Fagg activists have about downvoting and banning users, this could mean that max may end up banning the MP3 file format from use in YTMND sites since Locke5's disrespect for Suzanne Vega, whom is MOTHER OF THE MP3 has raised suspicions of this possibility. While speculation still continues, a Featured Faggy Conspiracy Theory has been written to address the concerns about actions from The Evil Empire Of Glocke Nation Five And Featured Fagotry. There's also a Krooked Kopyfraud Konspiracy Theory regarding this since the Krooked Kopyfraud Krew consists of many activists who completely withhold their stance on the YouTube Copyfraud Hostage Crisis since that very crisis is why the Suzanne movement started in the first place.

Comparison to real life political scandals


Suzanne resigned from YTMND back in October 2015 months before she got deleted from YTMND. Similar to how Nixon resigned before he got impeached in the 70s. This comparison has dubbed Scandal Q as "Wattsergate", since YTMND is bound to have a riot similar to Watts.


Bill Clinton said "I did not have sexual relations with that woman" about Monica Lewinsky.

YTMND user Suzanne would go on denying alt abuse on YTMND in 2015, and the awkwardness of this would be similar to Bill Clinton's denial of Lewinsky sexual relations.

Also, some SamuraiClinton-related sites on YTMND got sponsored by a user named sheldon, and those sites were about electing SamuraiClinton for US president in 2024. These sites were made during the midst of Scandal Q.

Larry Craig

  • Larry Craig has the same initials as Leonard Cohen, and also has a lover named Suzanne. Larry Craig got charged for lewd conduct (word also has intials LC) in 2007 in an airport bathroom.

Word play

The name Suzamurai Quentin was chosen as a play on the name SamuraiClinton, since its also a play on the name Susie Q, as well as notes the similarity between the names Clinton and Quentin, of which the similar name starting with Q would fit the Susie Q concept, since YTMND user Suzanne was also involved in this scandal. This would also pay homage to Quentin Tarantino who made the movie Pulp Fiction, in which Pulp Fiction character Vincent Vega was named after Suzanne Vega (whom is known as "mother of the MP3"), of which whom would also be the namesake for the Salvo Underground Zone And Nerd Network Enterprise activist group, which YTMND user Suzanne would lead. Its also been noted that Suzanne Vega's daughter Ruby Froom was born on the same year Pulp Fiction was released for theaters, in which is another possible reason for this scandal, also noting that Ruby Froom turned 21 in 2015, seeing as 21 is also the asset id for the NSFW meatspin image which was a controversial image featured in YTMND user Suzanne's sites.

This scandal is as delicate as the Dead nigger storage scene in Pulp Fiction. YTMND site deletion from Suzanne would be very similar to disposal of Marvin's dead body in the Pulp Fiction movie to avoid further trouble.

Other names for this scandal:

  • SamuraiClinton Scandal, a more casual name for the scandal
  • Scandal Q
  • (The) Scanzanne
    • Not just (scan)dal with the Zanne suffix, but users seem to be "scanning" behavior from Suzanne activists.
  • SQandal
  • SusamuraiClinton Scandal
  • Susamurai Quentin Scandal
  • (The) Susan Cident (word play form in- prefix words)
  • Susie Q Scandal
  • Susie Qandal
  • The Suzanndal
    • Note the simiarity to Captain Crandall from Teamo Supremo, in which the phase SUPREMO was used alot by Suzanne.
  • Suzamurai Qutten' Scandal (because Suzanne quit YTMND as a response to this scandal)
    • Samurai Quitten Scandal (another similar name)
  • (The) Zannedal
    • the Zanne affix needs more use
  • The Scandal Of The Boy Named Sue, because a male activist of the Suzanne movement named SamuraiClinton would be called out as the "real identity" of a YTMND user with a feminine name whom spun off into a female character. A reference to the Johnny Cash song A Boy Named Sue.
  • The Locke Quentin Scandal, because Locke has 5 in his username (and quint is another word for number 5), and harassed Suzanne alot on YTMND during 2015.
  • Wattsergate, because this scandal would lead to riots on YTMND that are similar to the Watts riots in some ways.

Fun facts

  • The name of the scandal is a play on the name SamuraiClinton, which tries to fit in with the Susie Q nomenclature.
  • The Suzamurai Quentin Scandal is the probable cause to max's ban of Lurg and Santabot in December 2015 after Suzanne deleted all her sites.
    • plus the fact that this wiki has this article in the first place also explains why max deleted Suzanne in 2016.

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