Susie Q is a common extension to the name Susie

Because there are so many different variations of the name Susie, itself is a nickname for many Suzanne-like names, this is why we are reserving them for the Susie page itself. Other spellings of Susie Q, also include Suzie Q, Suzi Q, Suzy Q, and so on...

This name also refers to:

Within YTMND

  • SuziQiangYi, a trademark proposed by YTMND user Suzanne, as a response to acknowledging Susie as a nickname (Susie Q itself as the extension), as well as acknowledging the username QiangYi whose username has Q as the first letter. Basically its a play on words.
  • Suzamurai Quentin Scandal, sometimes nicknamed Scandal Q, or Susie Q
    • Has also lead to nicknaming user Suzanne as Susie Quitter since YTMND user Suzanne has quit YTMND for good, though Susie Q already was in use as a nickname.
  • SusanTrepid is referred to as "Susie Q" since this user made 17 sites before deciding to take a break from making sites, also noting that Q is the 17th letter of the alphabet.
  • letter Q by itself (sometimes dubbed as cue in other cases) is also a slang term for communication when referring to Suzanne's involvement on YTMND.

Within the Suzanne movement

  • Susie Quadron, a nickname for the Salvo Underground Zone And Nerd Network Enterprise, since its basically a squadron of FREE ENTERTAINMENT activists, in which the name Susie Q also needs some attention too.
    • Suzybermorph Quadron, a play on the name Cybermorph, which also includes a play on the word squadron.
  • Q to Susie, a slang term for a signal carried out to other activists of the Suzanne movement, or activist groups that are affiliates of it, since it is a CUE (pronounced the same as "Q") to comrades who need to stay alert on pressing issues.




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