here you see, Supremo Zanne, aka Suzanne Rodanthe, SUPREMO commander of the Salvo Underground Zone And Nerd Network Enterprise is also an ECU Pirate.


Supremo Zanne roots for the ECU Pirates by using her boobs to do so.


Suzanne next to a limo

Supremo Zanne, also officially known as YTMND user Suzanne, Suzanne Rodanthe, or simply just Suzanne is the name of an Internet personality that leads the way of the Suzanne movement, or its longer name, Salvo Underground Zone And Nerd Network Enterprise.

This user gets its last name from the town of Rodanthe, North Carolina, which is near Salvo, North Carolina, which is the namesake for the Salvozanne activist group.

Other names she's known by

over time, the Suzanne activism concept would evolve into different variants of the name to refer to the famous YTMND user, and leader of the activist group.

Officially known nicknames

lesser known nicknames

  • Supremo Somers
  • Suprema Zanne, in case you want to add "a" at the end instead of "o" since it represents a female figure.
  • YTMND user Suzanne
  • Suzanne Cohen, an homage to Leonard Cohen's song Suzanne
  • Suzanne Doubtfire, because many YTMND users think she is a dude in disguise.
  • Suzanne Lurg, because many users thought she was Johnny Lurg in the beginning of her YTMND career.
    • Susana Lurg, another variant of that nickname, and play on the word analurg which refers to JohnnyLurg analogs
  • Suzanne Somers, an homage to the celebrity the character was modelled after

Suzanne as a surname:

  • Cape Suzanne, homage to Cape Suzette from Talespin since Supremo Zanne is also an ECU Pirate seeing as Talespin had a Sky Pirates song in the show.
  • Lazy Susan, the similar name Susan is basically just THE SAME DAMN NAME as Suzanne, an homage to the rotating platter, since she's into the meatspin fad.
  • Supremo Suzanne, sometimes the fist and last name get switched around.

And names outside of the Suzanne name family:

Pre-2016 YTMND career

Main article: Suzanne (YTMND user)

During 2015, Suzanne was a loyal YTMND user who made YTMND sites, and upvoted other users' sites because she felt that underprivileged YTMND users were entitled to some Up and Coming accolades. She is also the one who started the unofficial YTMND Wiki because she felt that the official Wiki (aka Abandonware Wiki) was inactive, and closed off from further editing.

Her career went downhill when all sorts of hateful YTMND users downvoted her sites, then lobbied to ban her, and even went as far as slandering her, and other activists of the Salvo Underground Zone And Nerd Network Enterprise. This would all lead to the Suzamurai Quentin Scandal, or Scandal Q like some would call it.

On February 11, 2016, max deleted YTMND user Suzanne. However, Suzanne planned to take a YTMNDetour to other websites in hopes to continue the legacy of her YTMND career hoping to stay safe from nosy fussy trolls. Some users that Suzanne thought were her allies ratted each other out, and this lead to the Suzanne account finally being deleted on Febraury 2016, even though she quit as early as October 2015 ahead of other users who got deleted in December 2015.

So Suzanne made this YouTube video to give a statement about her account deletion. She reamined optimistic while many other YTMND users were pessimistic during all these tensions of nosy users.

Post-2016 YTMND career

Supremo Zanne would come back as SusanTrepid on YTMND in August 2016.

Outside of YTMND

With trolls slandering Suzanne activists in late 2015, Suzanne deleted all her YTMND sites, then took a new approach of recruiting free entertainment activists on other websites, eventually she would start Operation YouTube MND which would involve remaking old YTMND sites as YouTube videos, she would not only remake her own sites, but even go as far as remaking sites made by activists of her activst group.

Suzanne would also start The ECU Pirates Of Suzanne clique, with legendary pirates such as Steve Wozniak (computer pirate), and Suzanne Vega (music pirate who is mother of the MP3), and Peedee The Pirate (mascot pirate of ECU), in an effort to increase understanding on why pirates can be good instead of bad.

Internet accounts associated with Suzanne Rodanthe

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