Official avatar for YTMND user SupremoZanne, she is an ECU Pirates member too.


Leonard Cohen and Suzanne in a hottub. Commonly appears in SupremoZanne sites.

SupremoZanne is a YTMND user who debuted on March 1, 2016.

This YTMND user started after Supremo Zanne resolved her tensions with a few users after some conference on social media. Hopefully the Suzamurai Quentin Scandal should end as this user makes more light-hearted YTMND sites that are more like pichu's diaries, since NSFW content will be avoided much of the way to hopefully rebuild the reputation of the Suzanne character.

This account would make more ECU Pirates sites.

See also

  • Suzanne (YTMND user), most of what you want to know about SupremoZanne is also in the old article about the 2015 YTMND user.