Here you see an example of YTMND user Suzanne crapflooding the phrase SUPREMO to boast the site's awesomeness.

Supremo is an interjection used as a response to one thinking that something is awesome. In the sense of YTMND, YTMND user Suzanne has been using this phrase alot to boast the awesomeness of YTMND sites.

The phrase "Supremo" (often formatted as SUPREMO in ALL CAPS) has been the official interjection for the Salvo Underground Zone And Nerd Network Enterprise's reaction to the awesomeness of anything in general. Sometimes the phrase "SUPREMO SITE SIR (SSS THAT)" will be used by YTMND user Suzanne when commenting on sites.

Extensions to and spoofs of the phrase SUPREMO

The phrase SUPREMOZANNE was coined at random when it was said in a YTMND site comment thread. (see site profile)

Parodies of the phrase SUPREMO:

Pet name for Suzanne-like names

It has been proposed that Supremo should be adopted as a new pet name for anybody with the name Suzanne, Susan, Suzette, Susie, Sue, etc.

In other languages

Outside the English language, supremo has been the standard translation of the typical word "supreme", in which languages such as Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian have used the word as a normal word, rather than a cultural phrase.

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