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Superdreamkilla (WannabeGayNigger) is a GNAA member, Internet personality and an actual hacker who is notorious for trolling the internetz. He has used YTMND alot since 2006 and greatly influenced it's culture and the modern Moon kkkrew that still lives on 8chan, 4chans , Youtube and racist alt right forums to this day. He is most well known for fads such as Moon Man being his most dedicated topic but also made memes about Bobby Fischer, Brick Maldonado, Chad Warden, Ron Paul, Santabot and Mr. Krabs usually mixed in within his trademark Moon Man sites.     
SDK offical artwork

Superdreamkilla the elite GNAA hacker


Moon Man site creation was his top priority, within the mainstream Moon man community he is only well known for his Moon Man makkker tool after AT&T modified their TTS servers to prevent the creation of Moon Man memes.

YTMND accounts of Superdreamkilla

  • WannabeGayNigger (current account)
  • Superdreamkilla (YTMND user) (Original account deleted and username was stolen)
  • 1000s of alts that Max deleted in late 2010
  • GenerationMoon (dormant account he created a script bot with)
  • It's safe to say he may have other undisclosed accounts


Influenced by

IRL celebrities:

YTMND users:

  • AegisReflector, since some site ideas SDK had outside of racism would sometimes be similar to this user, but he's mostly an honorable mention since he would be DarthWang's mentor, while DarthWang (mentioned below) would be a more direct influence.
  • farkle, The Creator of the Moon Man meme
  • SantabotAI The influence of Santabot and Moon Man sites spammed on YTMND
  • anystrom, since he spammed AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA sites years ago
  • pilleater Another Internet personality he worked with
  • Fowdersoap An early Moonkkkrew member who worked in second class position with farkle, after he left SDK became second in charge.
  • JohnnyLurg A troll and spammer he worked with years ago
  • DarthWang, as per his past membership of the Intrepid YTMND Alliance
  • woman (Uncircumcised) A close friend of his who he would discuss politics with
  • Excrement
  • hypersaxon (deceased) (The man who created the rapper spin off of Moon man)
  • letsago
  • NunicaMusicChannel He strongly endorsed the use of free music and entertainment


  • tylersaintcool
  • woman (Uncircumcised) (was a close friend) " Now claims SDK is a notorious hacker and even possessed by demonic forces and SDK is out to physically harm him and overs. Feels very uncomfortable discussing SDK, similar pyschological damage to what SantabotAI expresses but without the full acceptance of the super natural or hacking conspiracy.
  • SantabotAI (was a close friend) "Now claims he has psychotic disorders and was brainwashed by SDK into being a racist troll." Now warns of the danger of fueling racist hate culture on the internet.
  • redblade7 SantabotAI spread Superdreamkillas ideas to Redblade7 who put his own twist on them, which resulted in false rumors of redblade7 being SantabotAI's alt.
  • Suzanne, made a few non racist Moon Man sites and encouraged Superdreamkillas Music Channel spam, one of the few things Superdreamkilla did frequent that was not considered racist. Superdreamkilla played a role in Suzanne's free mp3 activism campaigns.
  • pilleater A friend of SDK but not sure how close. Pilleater now runs his own talk show, relating to asian nationalist + white nationalist views in his talk show.
  • JohnnyLurg a friend of SDK while being a former member of the Moon KKKrew, "he strongly opposes his racist Moon man sites", but doesn't completely oppose Moon Man since he still upvotes a few sites with the Moon Man character in them. In general he holds a hypocritical stance for defending SDK's racism actions. Use to severely troll YTMND and Encylopedia Dramatica with SDK ranging from 2010-2011.
  • beatingadeadhorseoff A fellow shitposter and admire of SDK or at least his depictions in SBAI's sites, though he's also a probable captor of the YouTube Copyfraud Hostage Crisis since he holds DOUBLE STANDARDS on treatment of users who join the Free Entertainment Union.
  • LuanOutLoud the newst fan of YTMND AND SHITPOSTING! VOTE 5
  • ldrancer He likes to rant and shitpost about SDK, nothing more to say he's a crazy drunk.
  • letsago, he endorses Moon Man since he used to be part of the Moon KKKrew, though he mainly makes partyy mouse sites.
  • max , ironically Superdreamkilla inspired max to upgrade YTMND's security system after he hacked and exploited the site back in 2010.

Hacking skills

Superdreamkilla is a well documented script kiddie and a hacker in which his skill ceiling virtually unrivaled, he has been documented to cause trouble on many other websites other then just YTMND. He also claims association with the GNAA. (Gay Nigger Association of America) and their hactivism.

Back during 2010 he started with scriptbots on his heliohost and x10hosting to create alts and rig YTMND's voting, viewing and account creation systems.

September 2010 Great Troll Caper spamfest

During September 2010 Superdreamkilla formed script bots which spammed YTMND with thousands of sites at once in which pilleater, johnnylurg and a few other users participated in. More info about it can be found here [1]

Thousands of sites

max on Superdreamkilla

Spring 2017 a

Uncircumcised YTMND account hacking conspiracy

On May 8, 2017, YTMND user Uncircumcised made claims that DarthWang's main account and many others were hacked by Superdreamkilla. There is no evidence to support any of these claims. DarthWang even came out saying these claims were nonsense.

Uncircumcised Gamefaqs account hacking conspiracy

In June 2017 claims appeared from YTMND user Uncircumcised were that Superdreamkilla hacked a multitude of gamefaqs accounts. Other people claimed their accounts were hacked as well. These claims by multiple users led ReiHino into "locking herself out" of her main account and alts using and, with the intention of using temporary alts for the time being.

There is no evidence to support this, although Superdreamkilla did create a gamefaqs account to troll gamefaqs at this time.

Heliohost and the Moon Man makkker

  • (currently down) this is where Moon Man content creators from YTMND, forums and Youtube would go to make Moon man sites or other activities related to YTMND. At once it was a tool used to hack but it is mostly popular for it's Moon Man makkker

Gay Nigger Association of America

Superdreamkilla pledged his allegiance to the GNAA a racist hacking and trolling organization and has claimed to to be very well respected within the GNAA community. Not much is known about what his role is in the GNAA some claim he is just an average support others claim he is a higher member or possibly a lead member GNAA carrying out elite hacking task.Until further evidence comes forward we do not know Superdreamkilla's exact placement and their is a lot of room of speculation and mystery about SDK's role in the GNAA. Many ludicrous conspiracies about him exist though.

Personal hobbies

Outside of trolling and coding/web design anything with computers, Superdreamkilla is a lego enthusiast and a competitive Chess player, and probably has an at home jungle gym to stay fit. He is greatly inspired by a deceased Chess expert Bobby Fischer who became a deep racist later in his life. TV shows he likes are Ren and Stimpy, Beavis and Butthead, and King of the hill.

Fun facts

Superdreamkilla stated he once seen a woman reading an newspaper on what he considered to be fake news and corrected her on the mistakes made in the article.

Superdreamkilla had a crush on the girl who said "Santabot" in the santabot.mp3 in SantabotAI's sites.

Superdreamkilla was on date with a girl and she told him to fill up her water bottle, once he returned she was gone, he was outright ditched on a date. (Sometime in 2012 this occurred)

Superdreamkilla directly stated he has a gay neighbor

Superdreamkilla's heliohost was hacked and over taken by the Moon Central Forum. Ironic for a so called notorious hacker, It has not been up since early 2017 and may have been shutdown permanent for abuse.

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