Superdreamkilla is a legendary Internet personality who has used YTMND alot.

Bobby Fischer is his idol.


Superdreamkilla highly idolizes moon man. He would be one of SantabotAI's biggest influences.

YTMND users associated with Superdreamkilla

Past accounts


Influenced by

IRL celebrities:

YTMND users:


Hacking skills

Superdreamkilla was known to hack YTMND in various ways.

Spring 2017 account hacking incident

On May 8, 2017, it has been noticed that DarthWang's main account has been hacked by Superdreamkilla. It was also noticed that many other old accounts have also gotten hacked too.

A supposed alt of other users?

Superdreamkilla was known to be conflated with JohnnyLurg in the early 2010s when Lurg had an alt abuse scandal of his own.

Since SDK mostly was dormant in 2015, this would result in Locke5 blaming Suzanne for alt abuse since he may have secretly conflated Suzanne with Superdremkilla after JohnnyLurg got de-conflated with SDK, Suzanne, and various other users.

This case would be unsolved to this day.

Fun facts

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