Santabot's avatar, as seen on

SantabotAI is a username associated with the Santabot YTMND fad and user. SantabotAI's memes were spread by Fowdersoap, Superdreamkilla, beatingadeadhorseoff, Redblade7 and a several other users. It is also a spoof of the website

SantabotAI was highly active on YTMND from 2012-2016


SantabotAI was a troll who mimicked Superdreamkilla's toxic behavior.


SantabotAI's sites featured a vast array of characters starting out with the original three and moving on to a plethora of characters.

Santabot, Moon man and Mr. Krabs moving on too more and more characters until the point where it became a stupid clusterfuck of flashy gifs and catchy songs. Santabot was known for making character depictions of other users on YTMND such as pilleater, farkle, Superdreamkilla and himself. AS well as villians such as Max, Obama, and Plankton from spongebob. Superdreamkilla also used these characters but as Santabot developed more characters and Superdreamkilla spent less time on YTMND. Superdreamkilla could not keep up with Santabots pyscho creativity thus did not add or know the role of the later characters SantabotAI used in his sites.


SantabotAI has been deleted and banned by max several times

April 1st 2012 (deleted) For massive alt usage

April 1st 2015 (banned) for being caught with a few alts

July 23rd 2015 (unbanned) because he never used those alts to rig the votes just to spam

December 8th 2015 (deleted) After Locke5 reported Joshcube he asked max to delete Lurg and SantabotAI.

Jan 1st 2016 (deleted) After SantabotAI came back

Primary alts PrincessChaCha, WannabeGayNiQQer were deleted several times in early 2016 before SantabotAI gave up and quit in April 2016.

Not the original SantabotAI

SantabotAI stated his account was given to him by an 2008 user who he admired was given as a token of appreciation. Before that SantabotAI went under different usernames but was very inactive.

Resignation of character identity and racist view points.

Later in December 2016 SantabotAI renounced the racist identity, publicly renounced racist behavior and following Superdreamkilla, says it would have been best if he never joined YTMND and states racism and hateful toxic behavior on the internet creates an extremely negative impact on society.

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