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SantabotAI is a username associated with Santabot.

Spring 2015 ban & Operation SuzanneAI

Main article: Operation SuzanneAI

On late April 2015, SantabotAI got banned during the millionth site hype. The ban was put in place when Max went on vacation, with Max leaving open the possibility of removing the ban upon his return.

All sorts of sites to lobby to unban SantabotAI started in May 2015 during Operation SuzanneAI which was started by redblade7.

Max did not log on to YTMND again until late July 2015. On July 24, 2015, SantabotAI was unbanned. Operation SuzanneAI had succeeded!

Final 2015 ban

On December 8, 2015 around 3AM in the morning, SantabotAI was banned, and his sites were deleted by max.

Speculation behind SantabotAI's 2015 ban

Since SantabotAI was suspicious that others were ratting him out, his unhealthy level of faith in user beatingadeadhorseoff may have lead to him giving Bad Ho the benefit of a doubt when Bad Ho supposedly and silently ratted out Santabot to max. It has also been speculated that redblade7's account deletion may also be attributed to Bad Ho's manipulation too.

Santabot's ban may also be attributed to the Krooked Kopyfraud Krew's anger over Mr. Krabs and pilleater (Akazukin Chacha) being used without permission from from Gallop Inc. and Nickelodeon respectively when the characters were spammed in racist, gory, and other shock humor sites. Bad Ho's supposed loyalty to the Krooked Kopyfraud Krew may have something to do with why Bad Ho got off easy when max deleted accounts.

Even after Bad Ho betrayed Santabot, Santabot still considers him a "friend" for unknown reasons. An investigation is still ongoing to see if Bad Ho was really the one who ratted out Santabot.


  • Bot Claus
  • BotClaus
  • NicholasBot (homage to Saint Nicholas)
  • Santa Claus
  • Santa KKKlaus
  • Samta Susanna (because he's a Suzanne activist, or a Suzanner, or Susanna if "eye dialect" is used)
  • Santa Suz Ana (an homage to Santa Ana California, as well as an homage to Suzanne seeing has he is a Salvo Underground Zone And Nerd Network Enterprise activist, in which the name Susanna (similar to Suzanne) is also lampooned in this)
  • SantAI
  • Zanneta (lampoons the name Santa in a manner that illustrates similarity between the names Susan and Suzanne, also because Santabot is a Suzanne activist)
  • ZannetaBot
  • ZannetaBotAI
  • site note: unfortunately, Santabot himself wasn't too impressed by these nicknames.

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