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SuzanneLogo (without outline)

Logo for the Salvo Underground Zone And Nerd Network Enterpirse, color scheme is derived from the ECU Pirates. This is a redesigned version of the logo introduced months after Suzanne quit YTMND.

The Salvo Underground Zone And Nerd Network Enterprise, or Suzanne, or Salvozanne, or ZanneNation is a free entertainment activist group lead by Supremo Zanne. The activist group has recently quit its affiliation with YTMND due to the Suzamurai Quentin Scandal.

The goal of this activist group is to recruit free entertainment activists who are determined to protest unfair copyright laws that infringe on our comfort of using the Internet. For instance, YouTube's blocking of videos over copyright strikes is one primary influence on why things such as using YTMND to protest YouTube's blocking of content was done, as well as free albums from record labels such as its subsidiary Suzanne Records were made using other file hosting sites to evade YouTube's audio blocking mechanism for its videos.

Confirmed activists

SuzanneLogo (new redesign)

redesign of the logo which added 45 degree angles to formerly enlarged pixels of older logos for the activist group. This one has outlines, though the outlines would be eliminated from this design shortly after.

Suzanne Logo (revision)

An older logo for the Salvo Underground Zone And Nerd Network Enterpirse used during The Suzanne Era Of YTMND.


An earlier logo whose colors were kinda off from the actual colors to represent the ECU Pirates.


Other activist groups



  • YTMND user Locke5, traitor of the activist group who extorted other activists of it. He vaguely denied being part of it, but his dishonesty and defamatory attitude is grounds for being identified as a traitor of it.
  • YTMND user beatingadeadhorseoff
  • YTMND user FormerlyFeaturedFaggyUser (has slandered innocent people who are only trying to be nice)
  • YTMND user Radiofreewill
  • YTMND user anystrom
  • YTMND user ldrancer


Main article: Suzanne (YTMND activist group)


On YTMND, the Salvo Underground Zone And Nerd Network Enterprise has had mixed reviews since some activists are praising the group. Even though there are very few official enemies on YTMND, YTMND user Suzanne's sites have been DOWNVOTED by lots of users, so its been a struggle, though some of Suzanne's sites have appeared on Up and coming.

Since early 2015, the Suzanne movement has gotten lots of recognition on YTMND. The activist group has gotten so powerful, that YTMND's parallel dimension PTKFGS has gotten a user named Luzanna to further lampoon this activist group. After a while Luzanna has betrayed Suzanne so which has started to make this activist group a lightning rod for criticism in late March 2015. A surge of anti-Suzanne sites in March 2015 is somewhat reminiscent of the controversy that the Nunica Internet Social Alliance had two years prior.

During mid 2015, it was realized that YTMND user Suzanne had lots of recognition, but yet most YTMND users are unaware of the Salvozanne activist group itself, or maybe they are indifferent to its activism. Many users tend to dismiss the longer name, since the name Suzanne itself is a shorter name that is easier to remember.

Due to the Suzamurai Quentin Scandal breaking out after a family member of SamuraiClinton got emailed by a disgruntled YTMND user, the Salvo Underground Zone And Nerd Network Enterprise activist group has decided to distance itself from YTMND, though other YTMND users who are activists of this activist group still remain loayl.

During hard times in late October of 2015, this activist group is doing what it can to stay afloat, so which other websites are available for Suzanne activism to take place.


Winter 2016 hiatus

Dur late 2015 and early 2016, this activist group would find other websites to protest copyfraud laws on.

Spring 2016 account seizure

A newly created account called SupremoZanne would get seized after some tensions JohnnyLurg had with Locke5.

Summer 2016

The YTMND chapter of the Suzanne activist group would go into hibernation, but an account called SusanTrepid started after Suzanne had some service in the Intrepid YTMND Alliance. Hoplefully the YTMND chapter shall snap out of hibernation if activists find a peaceful resolution with one-another. But a new activist group called the Rei Hino Movement would pick up where the Suzanne movement left off.


On YouTube, the Suzanne movement has its subsidiary Rodanthe Music Waves which uploads songs, formerly full albums through the now defunct Salvo Music Waves, in which the former Salvo Music Waves YouTube channel had some copyright strikes which lead to its demise. So in response to this, Rodanthe Music Waves was started originally as a backup but shortly after it became the replacement, and sometimes free MP3 albums from Suzanne Records are uploaded too as another workaround to YouTube's copyfraud.

Through Operation YouTube MND, Suzanne activist Supremo Zanne started a YouTube channel that involved remaking old YTMND sites from various users. A sister YouTube channel called Susan Trepid would focus on remakes of YTMND sites from the Intrepid YTMND Alliance.

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