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This album's cover parodies the cover of the Leonard Cohen album titled Ten New Songs, and the new logo for Suzanne Records is derived from the album art for Leonard Cohen's other album titled The Future.

SUZANNE'S SUPREMO SOUNDTRACK VOLUME 6 is an MP3 album from Suzanne Records. This album was released even though Suzanne quit YTMND in mid-October 2015. But this album is meant to be marketed to more activists of the Salvo Underground Zone And Nerd Network Enterprise outside of YTMND, since the Suzanne movement is a multi-website activist group. This soundtrack album features songs from Suzanne sites that are now deleted. But we also feature tracks that weren't even featured in Suzanne's sites, since we need more songs to meet the criteria for inclusion, so which ones be Leonard Cohen (the Goatse addict we laugh at), Suzanne Vega (being "mother of the MP3" whom we shall look up to), songs from Initial D which is fast paced music that is SUPREMO, so which we never expect this type of music to be on the same mixtape as Leonard Cohen songs, also we need more songs from the official YTMND soundtrack to be included too. There are lots of songs that include Leonard Cohen, Suzanne Vega, Initial D, the official YTMND soundtrack, and songs from user Suzanne's sites so which there are still enough tracks to meet the inclusion criteria without repetition for more volumes of SUZANNE'S SUPREMO SOUNDTRACK to come.

This album is also the one to introduce a new logo for Suzanne Records, which is derived from the outlines of an image on a Leonard Cohen album called The Future. However, the album cover of this album parodies the cover of the Leonard Cohen album Ten New Songs, so one song from each of those albums will be included on this soundtrack to highlight the introduction of the new Suzanne Records logo, as well as pay tribute to the album that the cover of this one parodies.

Track listing

  1. Former YTMND user Suzanne - Volume 6 Susan Troductory [N]
  2. WNCT 9 TV - Greenville NC officials talk to improve traffic safety [D] [W]
  3. Ray Charles - Hit The Road Jack [N] [Y6] [Z]
  4. Suzanne Vega - Undertow [N]
  5. Kano - I'm Ready [P2] [K]
  6. Utah Saints - Utah Saints Take On The Theme From Mortal Kombat [P2] [K]
  7. Matt Land - Pamela [D]
  8. Cathy Dennis - Touch Me [D]
  9. ELO - Fire On High [D]
  10. Dave & Domino - Friday Night [D]
  11. Marathon - Movin' (Lee's House Mix) [D]
  12. Queen - Flash [N] [Y10]
  13. Hot Butter - Popcorn [D]
  14. Peter Gabriel - Shock The Monkey [D]
  15. Peter Gabriel - In Your Eyes [D]
  16. Phil Collins - Take Me Home [D]
  17. Leonard Cohen - A Thousand Kisses Deep [P1] [N]
  18. Leonard Cohen - Closing Time [F] [N]
[D] this track was featured in a now-deleted YTMND site made by Suzanne.
[F] this track is from Leonard Cohen's album The Future
-note that the new logo for Suzanne Records is derived from an image on that album cover.
[K] these songs may be "back-to-back", but the artist name Kano has nothing to do with Mortal Kombat's character.
-though this was done as sorta a joke.
[N] this track is not featured in any former site that YTMND user Suzanne made.
[P1] this track is from the Leonard Cohen album that this album's cover art parodies.
[P2] This song was featured in VOLUME 2 of Suzanne Roots For The Pirates
[W] audio is from this YouTube link:
[Y##] this track was featured in Volume # of the official YTMND soundtrack
[Z] This song is from the Suzanne Records album Suum Zuum Zanne

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