this album cover parodies the album cover of a Leonard Cohen album. Revised to have the Parental Advisory label, and was slightly altered for its revision.

SUZANNE'S SUPREMO SOUNDTRACK VOLUME 5 is a Suzanne Records album with more tracks from YTMND user Suzanne's sites. This would be the last Suzanne Records album released before YTMND user Suzanne quit YTMND.

Track listing

  1. Bob Orilee - 123456789 Fuck Shit Piss [A]
  2. KMFDM - Juke Join Jezebel (Metropolis Remix) [A]
  3. Suzanne Vega - Marlene On The Wall [MP3]
  4. Leonard Cohen - I'm Your Man [P]
  5. KMFDM - Power [A]
  6. Dave Rodgers - Space Boy
  8. redblade7 - New Suzanne Anthem [R]
  9. LazyTown - Cooking By The Book
  10. Village People - Macho Man
  11. Jimmy Soul - If You Wanna Be Happy
  12. Howard Stern - Funny Quotes From Mister Rogers
  13. Rockwell - Somebody's Watching Me
  14. Recall Project - Loituma Polka
  15. Leonard Cohen - Hello Goatse [U]
  16. Shawn Coleman - C'mon Everybody
  17. Elton John - Philadelphia Freedom
  18. Chas & Dave - Snooker Loopy
  19. 3rd Party - Can You Feel It
  20. War - Why Can't We Be Friends
  21. DVDA - Now You're A Man
  22. Alice In Chains - Heaven Beside You
  23. Full Metal Jacket - The Marine Corps Lives Forever
[MP3] Suzanne Vega is "mother of the MP3"
-so like previous volumes of SUZANNE'S SUPREMO SOUNDTRACK, we pay tribute since the record label was named after her.
[A] This track has replaced a track that VOLUME 5 had in previous releases of the album.
[P] This track is in the Leonard Cohen album of the same name, which this album parodies the album art of
[R] this song is from a site made by Bladezanne (redblade7)
*track 7 was chosen because redblade7 deserves credit.
[U] The actual artist isn't known, so we used "Leonard Cohen" as a placeholder artist name
-this was done in a similar manner to people giving Weird Al credit for comedy songs on Napster years ago.

Fun facts

  • The track list has been changed to CENSOR references to some YTMND users after some backlash on YTMND over Suzanne activism. VOLUME 5 is known as VOLUME 5A for this revised list of tracks.

External links

  • download link, hosted by MediaFire, this link was put up to host the revised album with the parental advisory label on it.

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