album cover parodies the cover of Leonard Cohen's recent album Popular Problems.

SUZANNE'S SUPREMO SOUNDTRACK VOLUME 4 is a free MP3 album from Suzanne Records that was released on Leonard Cohen's 81st birthday, in which it parodied the album cover of Leonard Cohen's album Popular Problems.

Track listing

  1. YTMND user Suzanne - Volume 4 Susan Troductory (intro track) [N] [S]
  2. Suzanne Vega - Star Spangled Banner *nationalanthemrangers* [MP3]
  3. Mega HRG Man - Grand Prix *grandprixtm*
  4. Leonard Cohen - Nevermind *missingout* [P]
  5. Kyle Broflovski - My Period Is Going Swimming *suzannesomersswimming*
  6. Pitbull feat. Lil Jon - Krazy *mp3player*
  7. Timex Social Club - Rumors *SusanneSomers*
  8. Pat Benatar - Invincible *newgroundscohen* [NSFW] [G] [Y8]*
  9. Kabouter Plop - Kabouterdans *ColinMochrie*
  10. Parappa The Rapper - Chop Chop Master Onion Rap *masteronionrap* [NSFW] [G]
  11. TV - Saved By The Bell Theme Song *sorryzanne*
  12. Michael Lloyd - Lost Saucer theme *blondezanne* [B]
  13. Aesop Rock - None Shall Pass *legolewdita* [P*]
  14. ESPN - NHL Hockey theme song *buicklacrosse*
  15. Darkmateria - The Picard Song *picardzanne* [Y2]
  16. Tears For Fears - Everybody Wants To Rule The World *banned1* [NSFW] [G]
  17. Deep Purple - Smoke On The Water *moratorius*
  18. Dr. Dre feat. Snoop Dogg - Deep Cover *partyyymouse*
  19. LL Cool J - I'm That Type Of Guy *emeraldcity*
  20. Tony Mason - Barney's On Fire *barneyzfire*
  21. Peter Aykroyd - Hot Wives *Linkoln*
  22. Kraftwerk - Autobahn (The Mix version) *suzannekraftwerk*
  23. King Missile - Detachable Penis *detacthablepenis*
  • *insert site here* (if you are under 18, do not view [NSFW] YTMND sites)
  • [B] This track is also featured on BLONDEZANNE'S SUPREMO SOUNDTRACK
  • -a reason for track 12, is to pay homage to the number in username Reservoirdogs12 (aka "Blondezanne")
  • [G] Another song from a site to remind Suzanne activists of Leonard Cohen's Goatse addiction.
  • [MP3] We ought to pay tribute to the "mother of the MP3" while making free MP3 albums
  • -Suzanne Vega was "mother of the MP3"
  • [N] No YTMND site is associated with this track
  • [P] this track appears in a YTMND sites that promotes the album.
  • [P*] this track appears in a site for another SUPREMO SOUNDTRACK promo
  • -but for other YTMND users
  • [S] The track was made by YTMND user Suzanne herself
  • [Y##] This song is also on a volume of the official YTMND soundtrack.
  • -a * indicates that the track number is even the same as the YTMND soundtrack volume's track.

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