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SUZANNE'S SUPREMO SOUNDTRACK VOLUME 3 is an upcoming MP3 album from Suzanne Records which was proposed during Suzanne's YTMND Moratorium of September 2015. Because the last two volumes of SUZANNE'S SUPREMO SOUNDTRACK were released around the times of previous moratoriums that Suzanne has had on YTMND, it was realized that a third volume of SUZANNE'S SUPREMO SOUNDTRACK shall be released as a response to the third moratorium, rather than risk another moratorium after advertising it like the previous two volumes were associated it.

Track listing

  1. YTMND user Suzanne - Susan troductory (intro track) [N] [S]
  2. South Park - Calling CityWok (ShittyWok) *SinShitty*
  3. Kyle MacLachlan - Blue Velvet quote about Lincoln street *AnnArbor*-e
  4. Billy Joel - He May Be Right (Alex Jones remix) *alexjoel* :redblade: [SV2]
  5. Quango & Sparky - Do The Boogaloo *ren-and-stimpy*-e :DrewPickles:
  6. Duo de Pelikaan - Hosse Hosse Hosse *hossehossehosse*-e :woman: [IYA]
  7. Leonard Cohen - Bird On The Wire *CohenGoatse* [NSFW] [G]
  8. Suzanne Vega - Tom's Diner (DNA remix) *PeepingDiner* [MP3]
  9. Mega NRG Man - Get Me Power *initialdee*
  10. LazyTown - You Are A Pirate *vote5everywhere* [SA:SRFTP]
  11. LazyTown - Bing Bang [N]
  12. John Romero - Icon Of Sin greeting from Doom II *iconsinzanne* [R]
  13. Sandy Petersen - Opening To Hell (Doom II MAP30) (Sega Genesis soundfont remix) [N]
  14. Doom II - Icon Of Sin dying *leonardcohendoom* [G]
  15. Tiny Tim - Livin' In The Sunlight, Lovin' In The Moonlight (without intro or outtro) *fuckingsuzanne* [Y8*]
  16. Haddaway - What Is Love *suzannelove* [Y5] [SA:SSZ]
  17. Nightwish - Ghost Love Score *epicgeordi* [J] [Y6]
  18. Jordy - Dur Dur D'Etre Bebe! (Single Mix) *jordee* [NSFW] [G] [J]
  19. St. Elmo's Fire (Man In Motion) *lastsitezanne*
  20. Microsoft - CANYON.MID *Windowsz95* [W]
  21. YTMND user Suzanne - SUZANNE'D Sparta Remix *suzannespartaremix* [S]
  22. MC Frosty And Lovin' C - Radio Activity Rapp (street version) *nuklear*
  23. TAPPY - Metal Gear Solid 1 theme *womanisback* [IYA]

footnotes for album tracks:

  • *insert site here* (if you are under 18, do not view [NSFW] YTMND sites)
  •  :insert YTMND username here: being the who who suggested the track
  • [SV#] being the volume of SUZANNE'S SUPREMO SOUNDTRACK the track was originall suggested for
  • -sorry we got carried away, but now we got around to having these tracks finally included.
  • [G] Another song from a site to remind Suzanne activists of Leonard Cohen's Goatse addiction.
  • [IYA] This track is a dedication to the Intrepid YTMND Allinace
  • -selected members include Snakezanne (YTMND user woman) and Suzannakin Skywalker (YTMND user DarthWang)
  • [J] Because the names Jordy and Geordi sound so similar, we make a joke most YTMND users don't get.
  • -Geordi La Forge was the blind dude from Star Trek TNG who was part of YTMND's Epic Maneuver fad
  • -Jordy was the youngest musician to get #1 on the pop charts at age 4 for the song this footnote is on
    • [MP3] We ought to pay tribute to the "mother of the MP3" while making free MP3 albums
  • -Suzanne Vega was "mother of the MP3", and the track
  • -Tom's Diner was even the "testbed" for MP3 file format development.
  • [N] No YTMND site is associated with this track
  • -track 1 showcases YTMND user Suzanne's new voice (Microsoft Anna)
  • -track 11 is another track from LazyTown, because it seemed to be good to use after You Are A Pirate
  • -track 13 is a track that also pertains to Doom II's Icon Of Sin.
  • [R] The audio of this track was REVERED from the audio with its associated YTMND site.
  • [S] The track was made by YTMNMD user Suzanne herself
  • [SA:???] the ??? part refers to another Suzanne Records album this track is in
  • -see [MORE SUZANNE ALBUMS] below to match the entry ??? has.
  • [W] Track 20 was chosen to celebrate 20 years of Windows 95, like the site Suzanne made.
  • [Y##] This song is also on a volume of the official YTMND soundtrack.
  • - having a * in the tag indicates that the track is a different version from the one in YTMND Soundtrack.

Fun facts

This would be the first volume of SUZANNE'S SUPREMO SOUNDTRACK to include songs that aren't featured in any YTMND site (at least to Suzanne's knowledge).

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