The album is derived from the Leonard Cohen album cover for Songs On The Road. It features Steve Wozniak, Peedee The Pirate, Supremo Zanne (dressed up as an ECU Pirate), Leonard Cohen, and Suzanne Vega. Some characters have ECU Pirates hats on in this.

SUZANNE'S SUPREMO SOUNDTRACK VOLUME 10 is the 10th volume of the SUZANNE'S SUPREMO SOUNDTRACK SERIES. This album was made as a response to Suzanne's actual YTMND account getting deleted for good after months since she officially quit YTMND. It was also made to pay homage to the movie Pirates Of Silicon Valley, since that movie has a plot similar to Suzanne's YTMND career in 2015.


  1. VOLUME 10 Susan Troductory [IN]
  2. Steve Wozniak's quote from Pirates Of Silicon Valley about quitting Apple [P] [Q] [S]
  3. The Moody Blues - Question [N] [P]
  4. Suzanne Vega - Cracking [N] [MP3]
  5. Leonard Cohen - Suzanne (Songs From The Road Live Version) [L] [N]
  6. Queen - Bicycle Race [E]* [N] [SSZ] [Y6]
  7. Beethoven - Midnight Sonata [Y9] [E] [N]
  8. Iron Butterfly - In A Gadda Da Vida [B] [P]
  9. Robert Tepper - No Easy Way Out [D]
  10. Europe - The Final Countdown [Y1]
  11. Nu Shooz - I Can't Wait [N]
  12. Boy Meets Girl - Waiting For A Star To Fall [N]
  13. Paul Simon - Call Me Al [D]
  14. Initial D - Space Love [N] [ID]
  15. Miley Cyrus - Party In The USA [E]* [D] [SITP]
  16. Eminem feat. D12 - My Band [D] [E]*
  17. Talking Heads - Burning Down The House [P]
[B] This song is also found on BLONDEZANNE'S SUPREMO SOUNDTRACK, which was an album made for YTMND user Reservoirdogs12
[E] This song was intended for VOLUME 8, but got postponed until this album.
-a * indicates a track that was considered as early as VOLUME 6
[ID] This song is from the Initial D Media franchise, since all SUPREMO SOUNDTRACK albums include that type of song.
[IN] Just the typical Susan Troductory track like other SUZANNE'S SUPREMO SOUNDTRACK albums since VOLUME 3 
[MP3] Another reminder on the "mother of the MP3" since thats whom Suzanne Records was named after.
[N] This song was not on any of YTMND user Suzanne's sites
-but a * indicates one that is a remix version of one that was.
[L] This live version of a Leonard Cohen song is from the album Songs From The Road
-note that the album art is derived from album cover for that album.
[P] This song or track was in the movie Pirates Of Silicon Valley
-note that the last track on this album was chosen as the last a la the end credits of the aforementioned movie.
[Q] This movie quote roughly reflects Suzanne's reason for quitting YTMND.
[S] This track reflects Suzanne's brilliant plan to dodge the infighting that YTMND had at the time of this album release.
[SITP] this song is also featured in the Suzanne Records album Saturday In The Park
[SSZ] this song also appears in the album Suum Zuum Zanne from Suzanne Records
[Y#] this track appears in VOLUME # of the official YTMND soundtrack

Fun facts

  • This album included songs, and some dialogue from the movie Pirates Of Silicon Valley to reflect the state of panic that some YTMND users were going through during the time of this album's release.

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