SUZANNE'D is a fad that was started by YTMND user Suzanne on March 10, 2015 of which is during the Suzanne Era Of YTMND.

The idea of a site being SUZANNE'D, comes from the fact that to "Suzanne" a site, means to VOTE 5 on a site even if the majority of YTMND users think it sucks balls. The idea of Suzanning a site comes from redblade7's idea of making the name Suzanne a slang term since the Salvo Underground Zone And Nerd Network Enterprise (which Suzanne is an acronym for) is trying to make an impression on YTMND, as well as revolutionize with it activism to keep YTMND alive.

The premise of this fad involves recycling the same background and foreground assets from other sites that have high ratings, but replacing the text with the phrase SUZANNE'D, and making a similar titled that involves the phrase SUZANNE'D.

The audio for the SUZANNE'D fad came from the phrase "shazaam" in the Kool & the Gang song Open Sesame, of which the song would appear in SUZANNE'S SUPREMO SOUNDTRACK VOLUME 2 later on.


Before it became a fad

The phrase SUZANNE'D has also become a phrase that YTMND user Suzanne was using to make a mark on YTMND so as to show that sites were being UPVOTED to define The Suzanne Era Of YTMND.

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