Template:Zannesfer The SUPREMO SOUNDTRACK SERIES (Originally just SUZANNE'S SUPREMO SOUNDTRACK) is a series of free MP3 albums from Suzanne Records. These soundtrack albums have tracks that have been featured in some of the highest rated, or most viewed, or most significant sites made by lots of YTMND users. The series originally started with YTMND user Suzanne, but has moved on to redblade7, and has other users proposed for the PIPELINE.

Suzanne is planning on releasing free MP3 albums with music from other users' YTMND sites, mainly loyal activists of the Suzanne movement.

Albums in the series

See also: SUPREMO SOUNDTRACK SERIES from the Suzanne Wiki


Other YTMND users:

Cancelled albums: These albums were either cancelled, or transferred to other record labels

Criteria for release

For Suzanne soundtracks

  • Contains a Leonard Cohen song, another reminder of his Goatse addiction, even cover versions will also be included.
  • Contains a Suzanne Vega song, tribute to the "mother of the MP3", though cover versions also constitute meeting criteria too.
    • note that remix versions of these songs also meet the criteria, as well as songs that interpolate or sample them, such as Fall Out Boy's song Centuries which honorably interpolates a Suzanne Vega song.
  • Contains a song from Initial D, because Initial D songs were part of some SUPREMO YTMND fads such as Butt Racing and LOL, Internet
  • Contains songs featured in YTMND user Suzanne's sites, as the reason why they are included in the first place, though subsequent albums are planned to include songs that aren't in a Suzanne site, and some songs won't even be in any YTMND site, and may focus more on meeting the general criteria for other parameters.
  • Contains at least one song from the official YTMND Soundtrack series, since no official YTMND soundtracks with fad music have have been released since the Prezanne Era begun (i.e. since 2009)
  • The first track is some short statement about how important the Suzanne movement, or a member of it is.

For spinoff albums on users other than Suzanne on YTMND

  • Not all YTMND users have to be actual members of the Suzanne movement to get their own soundtrack albums.
  • spinoff SUPREMO SOUNDTRACK albums are exempt from the criteria that the main albums from the SUPREMO SOUNDTRACK SERIES conform to.

Fun facts

One wouldn't normally expect a song from Initial D to appear on the same mixtape as ones with Leonard Cohen songs.


During the respective release dates of both SUZANNE'S SUPREMO SOUNDTRACK volumes, they seemed to coincide with a June and August moratorium on YTMND during 2015 for YTMND user Suzanne. Volume 1 seemed to involve an allegation of alt abuse on sites that promoted this album, while Volume 2 involved allegations of alt abuse on the site that announced its release. It has been realized that soundtrack albums like these are cursed into causing detractors into accusing Suzanne of some stupid bullshit on YTMND.

Due to some detractors' whiny attitude on Suzanne as a whole, another Suzanne Records album titled (name withheld) has been proposed by redblade7, but got cancelled due to too much controversy over the Suzanne movement as a whole. During the time, YTMND users would fuss over users abusing alts, and refused to make their stance on free entertainment activism before bitching about other YTMND-related problems.

Even though Suzanne quit YTMND, the SUPREMO SOUNDTRACK SERIES would still continue on in other online communities.

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