SSSuzannism is a special word that refers to Suzanne activists UPVOTING YTMND sites, as well as some other characteristics of the belief system that the Salvo Underground Zone And Nerd Network Enterprise has.

Origin of the word

On November 13th, 2014, YTMND user redblade7 left a comment on a site made by QiangYi about how he and YTMND user Suzanne believe in upvotes. The YTMND dealt with Satanism, to which redblade7 offered SSSuzannism, "...where we believe in Upvotes!", as an alternative. After YTMND user Suzanne saw the term SSSuzannism, he (or she in other regards) started to honor redblade7 and QiangYi and started to make the word official.

The idea that Suzanne Vega is "mother of the MP3" offers a reason to upvote Suzanne sites if the MP3 file format is gonna be used in YTMND site audio, since thats another explanation to it, not to mention that Leonard Cohen's Goatse addiction gives a reason to upvote sites if they use Goatse, not to mention that Suzanne was also a Leonard Cohen song title.

Suzanne (verb) and the Commandments of SSSuzannism

Suzanne is also a verb which means "to give a 5 star rating and/or favorite a YTMND".

  • The Golden Rule of SSSuzannism: "Thou shalt Suzanne those in need, and give a helpful comment"
  • The Ten Commandments of SSSuzannism: "Occasionally thou shalt open 10 tabs of YTMNDs and Suzanne them all"
  • SSSuzannist Samaritan Selflessness: No YTMND site by a Suzanne shall be given $$$ for sponsorship, nor shall any SSSuzannist request sponsorship for their YTMND site.

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