Not to be confused with Rina Goldberg.

Rina is a character and YTMND fad created by redblade7 in 2016. It is based on an earlier fad, Rina Goldberg, created by Superdreamkilla and SantabotAI.


Lina Goldobergo


The Rina character was developed as part of the Santabot Race War, where the Rina Goldberg image was interpreted differently by SantabotAI and redblade7. Thus the original fad by Superdreamkilla became the Rina Goldberg character, while redblade7's interpretation became the new character Rina.


Rina is portrayed with the same image as Rina Goldberg, however her personality is different. Rina is a gold-digging spoiled Jewish princess who loves wealthy sugar daddies. In contrast, Rina Goldberg favors minorities regardless of their income, similar to redblade7's portrayal of Pilleater Girlform. Thus the name "Rina" is more exotic and sexy when compared to the less-stripper-sounding "Rina Goldberg".

Rina uses the TTS voice Microsoft Mary, upper-middle pitch on Speakonia.

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