A Retronym is a new name or word for something applied as a term to distinguish a new concept from an old one.

List of YTMND-related retronyms:

Abandonware Wiki
A word coined by Bladezanne to refer to max's official YTMND wiki before this wiki came along.
actual YTMND user
Before spiritual YTMND users came along to keep the YTMND spirit alive on other websites, all YTMND users were actual ones.
anonymous YTMND user
before YTMND users were dox'ed, they were simply just users.
a term that refers to the form a user took before the girlform concept was invented.
conflated alt account
before alt accounts were confirmed as actual alts on YTMND, all early alts on YTMND were conflated with the users in question.
fad base
a term that refers to a YTMND site that was regarded as a non-fad site before it became a stand-alone example of a fad site that's not a spinoff.
fad site
a term that refers to YTMND sites that belong to a fad. Before non-fad sites were made, even pre-exmaples of YTMND sites such as YTMND itself, and KHAN, and Get Your Ass To Mars would be bases for future fads before non-fad sites even came along. See fad base above for more details
Goldberg Nation
Before other causes such as the Moon KKKrew, Intrepid YTMND Alliance, Pilleater crew, Partyy Mouse crew, Nisa movement and Suzanne movement started, the Goldberg Nation simply didn't have a name, seeing as it was the original gang that was part of YTMND.
a retronym coined to refer to voters on YTMND who vote with all five stepping stones for voting (1, 2, 3, 4, or 5). Before splitvoters, upvoters, midvoters, and downvoters were discovered, omnivoters were simply just regarded as voters.
original YTMND account
, before alt accounts came along, or were discovered, all YTMND users would be regarded as original accounts before alts were made, or even just suspected.
Prehistoric Era
refers to some fad made before YTMND was an actual website.
refers to the Pre-Suzanne Era of YTMND, sometimes known as the "dead era" which lasted between 2009 and 2014.
White Santabot
Before Black Santabot came along, he was simply just Santabot.
YTMND Proper
a term coined by Supremo Zanne (former YTMND user Suzanne, and Wikia User:Rodanthe) since Suzanne would start remaking YTMND sites as YouTube videos when YTMND got into the Post-Million Era.

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