Reservoirdogs12 is a YTMND user who is into Reservoir Dogs and other Quentin Tarantino movies.

Theory on why this username was chosen

Since "12" was chosen for this YTMND username, some theories point out that he used this number to refer to NC-12 in the Outer Banks of North Carolina in which goes through the town of Salvo which is where the Salvozanne activist group is located, and is also part of User:Rodanthe's image on this YTMND Wiki. With this said, perhaps he used this number to denote his activism of the Suzanne movement.

This username was actually claimed in 2011 many years before it even became an active user, so number 12 must have meant something else for this user back in 2011.


Suzanne Records has announced BLONDEZANNE'S SUPREMO SOUNDTRACK as a free MP3 album on this user's sites.


  • Blondezanne (this user admires Suzanne, and Mr. Blonde is one of the Vega Brothers, in which the Vega Brothers concept was named after Suzanne Vega)
  • K-12 (combining K-Billy with 12, being the number in the YTMND username)
  • NC-12 (because the user chose the number to refer to the state highway that Salvo, North Carolina is on, in which is the town the Suzanne activist group is in.)
  • Pinkzanne (another Suzanne-like name used to refer to this user)
  • The Outer Reservoir (a nickname that pays homage to The Outer Banks, seeing as 12, which is in the username is also the number of the highway that goes through those barrier islands of North Carolina, also noting that the Outer Banks is home to the Salvo Underground Zone And Nerd Network Enterprise activist group, which Reservoirdogs12 is an activist of, though he may not consciously know he is an activist of that group despite some admiration of YTMND user Suzanne.)
  • Res12

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