Rei Hino Records is an unofficial name for records released under the name of the Rei Hino Movement.


The Rei Hino Movement logo, used since May 2017, as pictured on a black background





Infographic showing information and background on Rei Hino Movement logos

Proposed but never released

  • FaKKKe News from the Krooked Kopyfraud Krew, was to contain various fake news hoax clips and spoken word skits with some songs. It was cancelled for being unlistenable and boring, though "the Krooked Kopyfraud Krew Theme" was included on The Crisis of YTMND.
  • Sailor Khan & The Intrepid Scouts YTMNDVD, an video DVD ISO (for burning onto a DVD-R and watching on a TV) which would consist of historic YTMND sites. It was cancelled due to YTMND user ReiHino not knowing enough about YTMND history.
  • Rei's Greatest Hinos (Rei Hino Movement proposal), a proposed August 2017 "greatest hits" album celebrating the 1 year anniversary of the Rei Hino Movement on YTMND. Cancelled due to the excessive amount of source material to choose from. (Note: This was also the working title for what became Hino's Hot Hits.)

Proposed by the Suzanne Movement but never released

  • Rei Hino's Anime Album, a proposed compilation album that will contain music featured in Anime shows.
  • Rei's Greatest Hinos (Suzanne Movement proposal), a GREATEST HITS album for music and audio from YTMND user ReiHino's YTMND sites. (Note: This was also the working title for what became Hino's Hot Hits.)

Relation to Suzanne Records

YTMND user ReiHino (then known as redblade7) was involved in selecting songs for some later Suzanne Records albums. Also, in 2015, she (or he) and two other Suzanne activists were working on an early incarnation of Shocke Locke, which was to be released under the Suzanne Records name, but was cancelled due to blackmail against Suzanne activists.

So the free album division of the Rei Hino Movement (unofficially known as Rei Hino Records) can be considered a spinoff of Suzanne Records.

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