Redblade7 (squatter) is the user who currently owns the Redblade7 account on YTMND.

redblade7's Account Deletion

YTMND user redblade7 had deleted his sites, account, and anti-squatting alts (redblade777, etc) in 2015-2016 for various reasons, with the intent to permanently retire from YTMND. A separate "BlackSantabotSites" account was set up to preserve Black Santabot sites after his intent to retire, this too was purged of its sites and rescued later.


YTMND's account deletion involves placement in a "deletion queue" which is manually reviewed by Max.

As SantabotAI and YTMND user Suzanne were banned around the same time as the original redblade7 account was deleted, it was speculated by some that Max may have banned redblade7.

redblade7 has never been on bad terms with Max, nor has he ever been banned before, nor did he receive any information or notice implying a ban. redblade7 does not believe he was banned at all, but that the account was deleted as part of the same cleanup which included the banning of Suzanne and SantabotAI.

Max has not made any communication with redblade7 since much earlier in 2015, and redblade7 has no intention to confront him on the deletion or squatting. And perhaps if he did, he may have forgotten his motives at the time. So whether or not redblade7 was ever banned may never be known.


After the deletion, the YTMND user account Redblade7 was subsequently squatted by an individual. It should be noted that the squatter capitalized the letter R, which the true redblade7 did not capitalize. The squatter created the Redblade7 account on February 16, 2016.

After deciding to return, redblade7 used various alts (created later in 2016), reuploading sites and deleting them along with deleting his account.

The Rei Hino Movement

redblade7 returned to YTMND in August 2016 as part of the Rei Hino Movement. He has no intent to upload past sites outside of the Rei Hino Movement's context of anime, manga, video games, and vaporwave. This seems to imply that almost every past site which does not involve Pilleater (a fad based on the video game character Bulleta and the anime/manga Akazukin Chacha) would not be re-uploaded.

Gathered evidence

  • redblade7 denies ownership of the account, through past YTMND accounts WhoaChiquita, past Wikia account redblade7, and the present accounts of the Rei Hino Movement (YTMND user ReiHino and Wikia account ReiHinoMovement)
  • SantabotAI does not know the identity of the squatter.
  • An individual who would rather remain anonymous tipped redblade7 that the squatter may have been Locke5. This however is unproven.
  • JohnnyLurg casually denies ownership of that squatter account, in which Lurg in general has been under fire for alt abuse and struggles to disprove ownership of accounts, and Suzanne has a similar struggle to Lurg.



Searches made under the Redblade7 squatter account on October 18, 2016.

On October 18, 2016, someone logged into the Redblade7 squatter account, for the first time since the account's creation in February 2016. The following search queries were made:

  • what a stupid password
  • actually the password was awesome it was just too easy
  • thank you for being the best squatter ever and not the glocke5 :)

Later that day, an additional search query was made:

  • the squatter wishes their identity remain secret

As of October 18, 2016, the GLOCKE5 acronym refers to: gr33scr33n/FormerlyFeaturedFaggyUser, Locke5, and vtech/wickport. If the search queries are truthful, the squatter would not be any of these people. However, given the amount of trolling on YTMND, it is possible the account was never "reclaimed" at all, with this instead being a joke by the squatter.

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