For the current holder of the redblade7 account, see Redblade7 (squatter). For redblade7's current projects, see BlackSantabotSites and the Rei Hino Movement.

redblade7 was an active user of YTMND between 2014 and 2015. He was briefly active in 2012 but did not become a regular user until early 2014. While he had seen YTMND pages during the Golden Era, he was not familiar with the site's existence as a whole until later.

redblade7 is known for pushing the limits with regard to political incorrectness, sexually suggestive content, and violence. redblade7 also created a YTMND-themed game. He is a loyal activist of the Salvo Underground Zone And Nerd Network Enterprise, and he knows that YTMND user Suzanne knows what to do to keep YTMND on its feet. Since August 2016 he has been the leader of the Rei Hino Movement.

Moon Man character development

redblade7 is known for his development of the Moon Man character by giving him a unique personality.

In redblade7's sites, Moon Man was not merely a KKK member who hates blacks, but also a poorly-endowed, politically-extreme, wife-beating homophobe who is sexist, violent, and hates all minority groups.

A common criticism of redblade7's Moon Man sites is that they portray these traits in a negative light, with Moon Man usually shown as ignorant or as grumpy old man. In addition, Moon Man traditionally has a "Massive Moon Cock", while redblade7's Moon Man has a small penis, usually said to be only 3 inches.

Pilleater Girlform character development

Pilleater Girlform was portrayed by redblade7 as sexually promiscuous, paranoid, violent, even bipolar.

Black Santabot

Main article: Black Santabot

redblade7 created the character Black Santabot, a left-wing communist and politically-correct enemy of Moon Man. See the main article for more info.

Moon Man Banner Exchange/Moon Man Affiliate Program

Moon Man Banner Exchange, aka Moon Man Affiliate Program, features Moon Man themed banner ads which other users can use as foreground images.

Moon Man Song Parodies

redblade7 has made a number of "Moon Man Song Parodies", usually featuring Pilleater as a guest vocalist.

Impurity & Cough Syrup

redblade7 developed Impurity along with woman. See main article for Impurity.

redblade7 created an Impurity spinoff fad entitled Cough Syrup.

Phil Hendrie Show

Phil Hendrie is a former talk radio host. His "guests" were a set of fictional characters, voiced by Hendrie, who said or believed strange, violent, or otherwise offensive statements, to which real-life callers would call the show and argue with the character.

While Phil Hendrie sites existed on YTMND as far back as 2005, redblade7 posted Phil Hendrie clips very frequently.

YTMND Online Game

redblade7 created a YTMND-themed version of the game 2048, featuring various YTMND fads as tiles. You can play it here.

Suzanne activism

redblade7 has been a loyal activist of the Salvo Underground Zone And Nerd Network Enterprise.

After leaving some comments on YTMND user Suzanne's sites, he eventually started to endorse the SSS (Suzanne Support Spread) message system, he ended up coining the term SSSuzannism, of which that term was first mentioned in the profile of a Pichu site.

redblade7 also defined the verb Suzanne, that is, "to give a 5 star rating and/or favorite a YTMND", which formed the basis for the Golden Rule of SSSuzannism and Ten Commandments of SSSuzannism. (See the SSSuzannism article for details.)

Pichu is also involved with the word coinage, since his YTMND dealt with Satanism, to which redblade7 offered SSSuzannism as an alternative.

Dispute on the official ending of The Suzanne Era

Main article: Suzanne Era End Date Debate

Post-Suzanne Era development of the Suzanne character

Main article: Suzanne (YTMND character)

Due to redblade7's loyalty to the Suzanne movement, this led to him further developing the Suzanne character, whom spun off from YTMND user Suzanne.

Involvement with the YTMND Wiki & Retirement from YTMND

On June 25, 2015, redblade7 (aka User:Redblade7) has become the new ADMIN of the YTMND Wiki.

On October 14, 2015, redblade7 resigned as ADMIN of the YTMND Wiki, returning all privileges to User:Rodanthe. This was due largely to frustration with Wiki vandalism and overall harassment from true and de facto alts of gr33nscr33n against the Suzanne Movement, as well as a serious incident involving another user who shall not be named, all turning YTMND from a fun art site to a cause of stress and sleeplessness in his life. redblade7 has not resigned from YTMND completely, but as always, he has never been a major contributor to the site, and never will be.

redblade7 is, however, still a supporter of YTMND user Suzanne and the Suzanne Movement, and continues to make pro-Suzanne sites, just not as frequently as his fellow Suzanne supporters requested he do.

After Suzanne quit YTMND in October 2015, this has lead to User:Rodanthe (aka former user Suzanne) taking all sorts of security measures such as propsing to shut down the YTMND Wiki, but has lead to Rodanthe losing some of his YTMND wiki privileges. This is also in part because of an ongoing Suzamurai Quentin Scandal that started because of trolls trying to call out the Suzanne character.

redblade7 finally retired from YTMND on December 16, 2015, citing YTMND drama, actions by Max and JohnnyLurg, and a short supply of upvoters following the end of the Suzanne Era.

Comeback attempts (January-April 2016)

redblade7 made several subsequent comeback attempts through early 2016, but viciousness from trolls led to redblade7 leaving, and to a lesser extent, a lack of empathy for hostages of the YouTube Copyfraud Hostage Crisis from YTMND users in general.

The most notable of these accounts were WhoaChiquita and BuyPilleaterActionFigures.

redblade7's Spring 2016 YTMND hiatus would be one of many other events that would initiate the SUSIE QUARANTINE.

Rei Hino Movement (August 2016-present)

See also: ReiHino (YTMND user) and Rei Hino Movement

In August 2016, redblade7 returned to YTMND as part of the Rei Hino Movement, with username ReiHino.

The Rei Hino Movement is the Japanese counterpart to the American Suzanne Movement. It involves free entertainment, but is limited to such things as anime, manga, video games, and vaporwave music.

The name derives from the anime franchise Sailor Moon. Rei Hino is a Shinto shrine maiden who transforms into Sailor Mars.

Out of the previous fads used by redblade7, only Pilleater would qualify for the Rei Hino Movement.

The BlackSantabotSites account, themed around the redblade7-created Black Santabot character and his X-Mas Carols, existed until it was banned by Max in April 2017

In October 2017, redblade7 rendered the ReiHino account inaccessible due to the ongoing hacking scandal. redblade7 is still active on YTMND and will continue to lead the Rei Hino Movement through temporary alt accounts.


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