redblade7 is the name of an internet personality, and can refer to:


  • Red
  • Blade
  • Red Thomas (homage to Hill Valley's mayor from the 1950s in Back To The Future, also because it doubles as an homage to Suzanne Vega's song Tom's Diner, and to compare redblade7's Operation SuzanneAI campaign to a mayoral campaign)
    • Thomas Redblade can also be used too
  • Bladeform
  • redbucket7 (the red bucket that donates to the "Salvozanne Army"), though redblade himself isn't all that familiar with the salvation army, and its holiday donation bucket.

Zanne suffix names

  • Redzanne, proposed by YTMND user Suzanne
  • Bladezanne, preferred by redblade7

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