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REDZANNE'S SUPREMO SOUNDTRACK is a free MP3 album from Suzanne Records which is a dedication to Suzanne activist redblade7 from YTMND. It is gonna feature tracks from redblade7's YTMND sites, alongside some tracks from sites that honor him.

Track listing

  1. YTMND user Suzanne - Red Zannetroductory (intro track) [N] [Z]
  2. South Park - Titanic song *hashtagimpurity* [SSS1] [Z]
  3. Max Coveri - Running Into The Nineties (Rockstar EAR RAPE remix) *qbasicslut* [SSS1]* [Y6]* [Z]
  4. Randy Marsh - spooky ghost *keshasextape*
  5. Zac Brown Band - Holiday Road *gayestsummerever*
  6. Billy Joel - He May Be Right (Alex Jones remix) *alexjoel* [SSS3]
  7. Back To The Future Part 1 - Red Thomas *redthomas*-e [Z]*
  8. The Zombies - Time Of The Season *enddatedebate* [Z]*
  9. Rex Navarrete - Let's Party Like It's 1904 (remix) *fastertwerk* [NSFW] [G] [SSS2] [YT13] [Z]*
  10. Eagleslayer - The Boy With The Robotic Arm *itsreallylink*
  11. Patrick Hernandez - Born To Be Alive (extended) *leederboard* [SSS1]* [Z]*
  12. Melissa Manchester - You Should Hear How She Talks About You *riggedarcademachine* [Z]
  13. Frank Zappa - Broken hearts are for assholes *cohalicious* [NSFW] [G]
  14. Parappa The Rapper - All Masters Rap (Bathroom Level) *redblade7wiki* [Z]*
  15. Phil Hendrie - Last 9 Minites of the Olive Garden Cowboy skit *impurityoutwest*
  16. Warrant - Cherry Pie *cherryflavoredsuzanne* [T] [Z]
  17. YouTube - 1-900-490-FREAK *freek* [P] [S3]
  18. YouTube - 1-900-776-5888 HOTTEST TITS EVER!!! *hottesttitsever* [P] [S2] [T]
  19. Don't Walk Away Suzanne *nicknames*-e [SSS1] [T] [Z]*
  20. Boots Randolph - Yakety Sax *wikip3dia* [Y3]
  21. Beavis And Butthead - Edge Non-Alcoholic Beer *microsoftedge*-e [T]
  22. Underpants Gnomes remix [N]
*insert domain here* the associated YTMND site with the track, -e for EPIC DOMAIN GRAB
[G] Another reminder of Leonard Cohen's Goatse addiction!
[N] This song was NOT featured in any site on YTMND
-1. YTMND user Suzanne speaks in the beginning
-22. Pays homage to redblade7's avatar, Tweek since the Gnomes stole his underpants.
[NSFW] associated site is NOT SAFE FOR WORK!
[P] Artist name is just a PLACEHOLDER since the real artist is unknown
[S#] refers to the source for the track idea
[SSS#] track was also featured in SUZANNE'S SUPREMO SOUNDTRACK VOLUME #
-a *indicates a track whose version differs from the other album's cut of the song
[T] the TRACK # has a special connotation:
-7. because redblade7 should be MAYOR OF YTMND!
-13. its that dramatic to see Leonard Cohen being a Goatse addict!
-16. its that SWEET!
-18. because it advertises something one would have to be 18 or older to have.
-21. the common minimum legal drinking age for alcohol, ironically non-alcoholic beer on this track.
[Y#] the volume number of an official volume of the YTMND soundtrack this track is also on.
-a * indicates that the track was altered from the version on the YTMND soundtrack
[Z] this track and/or its associated site pays homage to YTMND user Suzanne
-a * indicates a song featured in a Suzanne site that was made to honor redblade7

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