The Pre-Suzanne Era of YTMND (2008-2013) is an era in which YTMND has had relatively little attention, until YTMND user Suzanne started to make sites on YTMND. Informally this era is also called the Prezanne Era, since the Zanne suffix has been used alot since the Suzanne Era started, this era is also colloquially called the Dead Era.

A major reason for the decline of YTMND during this period had been the rise of video hosting sites like YouTube. Due to various settlements and deals over the years, YouTube (and its owner Google) enacted very strict copyright policies which supersede existing copyright law. YTMND always stood up for parody and fair use rights, which allowed YTMND's potential to be re-discovered by Suzanne and the overall Suzanne Movement.

The Pre-Suzanne Era of YTMND slots between the Golden Era (April 1, 2004-December 31, 2007) and the Suzanne Era (January 1, 2014-October 19, 2015) in terms of chronology.

The anystrom site titled (NSFW WARNING) Naked pictures of Susan Boyle leaked would signal the start of the Prezanne era, in which Susan (like in Susan Boyle who was mentioned in the site title) is another spelling for the name Suzanne.

Fads of the Pre-Suzanne Era

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