The Post-Million Era Of YTMND is the era which succeeds the Suzanne Era (October 20, 2015-present). It is sometimes informally called the Postzanne Era. Also called Dead Era 2 due to a December 2015 YTMND Voting Boycott, it could also be called The Twozanne Era if Suzanne makes more sites later on.

Original proposal for start date

With Suzanne's YTMND Moratorium of June 2015, YTMND user redblade7 has feared that YTMND user Suzanne would leave YTMND over gr33nscr33n's slanderous posts about SamuraiClinton. Since the Millionth site hype in April 2015, this would also be a reason to call this new era Post-Million.

Due to the work of user Suzanne and her allies in the Suzanne Movement over the past two years in creating the new YTMND Wiki, and the fact that it would keep things simple for anti-Suzanne users, September 2014 through December 31, 2015 would still be called the Suzanne Era, while the Post-Million Era would begin on January 1, 2016.

If YTMND user Suzanne were to remain active, then the Suzanne Era would have continued into 2016. But both Suzanne and redblade7 have quit YTMND just before 2016 as a response to nosy trolls.

Second proposal for start date

In June 2015, Suzanne insisted on starting the Post-Million Era early due to an apparent decline of activity from users voting on sites. For this and other reasons, it became apparent to many YTMND users that the Suzanne Era was at an end, and the proposed Post-Million Era had to begin.

This led to the Suzanne Era End Date Debate, leading to two opposing sides: the Suzanne Dating System, which began the Post-Million Era on June 26, 2015, and the Bladezanne Dating System, which places the Post-Million Era's starting date at January 1, 2016. Both sides refer to the time between June 26, 2015 and December 31, 2015 as the "Post-Suzanne Window".

(For more information on this topic, including a list of supporters for each side and rules for the YTMND Wiki, see the Suzanne Era End Date Debate article.)

Start date

Redblade7 initiated a Suzanne Era End Date Debate which insists that the Post-Million Era starts on 2016, however he insists that YTMND user Suzanne stays on till 2016 which would continue the Suzanne Era. After dealing with assholes on YTMND who were engaging in stalking, harassment, and damaging of the Wiki, it was suggested that October 19, 2015 be the end of the Suzanne Era. redblade7 conceded during the debate, and the Post-Million Era officially began on October 20, 2015.

Events during the Post-Million Era Of YTMND


This images of an empty Up and Coming was captured by User:Rodanthe (YTMND user Suzanne) on December 17, 2015 @1:12AM EST. This would be one of the rare occurrences of YTMND having no sites on Up and Coming. This was part of the December 2015 YTMND Voting Boycott.

During the Post-Million Era of YTMND, users started to be paranoid over false accusations since that is what happened toward the end of The Suzanne Era Of YTMND. Later that day, a user claiming to be JoshCube spammed recently created, then somebody sponsored a Joshcube related site, and this lead to max banning SantabotAI and DrewPickles. So some would think that this would signal the beginning of the Post-Million Era.

While the Post-Million Era has had a bad start due to rampant trolling, its also likely that this Post-Million Era would also signal a possible end of YTMND.

Users who deleted all of their YTMND sites during the post-million era:

A * indicates users that max deleted in early December 2015.

On February 11, 2016, user Suzanne would be deleted by max.

A second "Suzanne Era"?

In August 2016, Suzanne re-joined YTMND as SusanTrepid as a duty from the Intrepid YTMND Alliance. So we have yet to determine if the Post-Million Era should be renamed to "The Second Suzanne Era", or the "Twozanne Era", but the Suzanne activist group has gone into hibernation citing personal and political differences between activists, so which the Rei Hino Movement has largely taken over for the time being.

End of the Post-Million Era

While The YTMND Site Posting Embargo Of October 2016 has happened on October 8, 2016, this may mark the end of the Post-Million Era, and possibly start the Dead Era, though the phrase "Dead Era" sometimes refers to a moment between the Golden and Pre-Suzanne Era. So its also speculated that the KHAN Era could also start too.

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