Character profile

pilleater is the rightful Princess of, She has major influence over the well being of Mr. Krabs everywhere and close friends with Santabot and Moon man. Her care towards Mr. Krabs has given her many friends and foes over the past years and she has also been

Pills boonie hood

Second Amendment Goldberg Lovers

I am a happy pilleater

Krabby Krabs

experiencing many problems relating to self inflicted drug/sex abuse. She is crazy and uncontrollable and just the right person Santabot and Moon man need for nigger killing sessions.

Love for Mr. Krabs

  • pilleater has a mothers love for Mr. Krabs and will help them on there destiny to rid the world of Islam. She teamed up with Moon man after SuperDreamKilla made her realize that Moon man and Mr. Krabs should fight together for a mutual goal. Mr. Krabs with the help of pilleater has done many great things as depicted in the playdates with Moon man and Santabot.


pilleater absolutely loves Mr. Krabs and host playdates with them all the time. She just loves the way they woble around and give her hugs and kissies all over and scream in her cute little ears. Mr. Krabs may look cute and dumb but they actually are dedicated warriors devoted to wiping Islam off the face of the Earth and defending their princess and friends Moon man and Santabot at the same time. pilleater motivates Mr. Krabs to keep strong and spread christian family values throughout If you care about pilleater you must spam Mr. Krabs sites every now and then.

Magical Princess

Holiest princess

pilleater (Magical Princess form)

pilleater has the ability to use the power of friendship from Santabot and Moon man and transform into a legendary Aryan princess. She is the Magical Princess who uses the power of miracles to defend her friends and restore what was destroyed by Goldberg Nation. Her love for Mr. Krabs, her courage she learned from Moon man and her hope for Santabot's success will never die.

Suzannes Youtube Activity

In case YTMND shuts down forever, Supremo Zanne (formerly YTMND user Suzanne) will be remaking old pilleater sites as YouTube videos through Operation YouTube MND.

Suzanne Records has released PILLEATER'S SUPREMO SOUNDTRACK


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don't take anything in this article seriously or anything on this wiki seriously.

we are trolls using our first amendment rights. All my work is fanfic

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