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Operation YouTube MND is the name of a plan devised by Supremo Zanne, the Internet personality formerly known as YTMND user Suzanne. It has been realized that even though Suzanne quit YTMND Proper, we can still emulate the "look and feel" of YTMND sites making YouTube videos, but this will be a challenge due to copyright audio, and to some extent copyrighted video (which GIFs sometimes have), as well as meticulous video editing that has to be done to emulate that "look and feel" of those legendary YTMND sites.

This plan is a proposal to remake YTMND sites as YouTube videos as a response to the possibility of YTMND shutting down forever, and to a lesser extent, a response to the Suzamurai Quentin Scandal which plagued some Suzanne activists with DOX-SICKness.

"YT" stands for YouTube, and is part of the YTMND name, so which makes YouTube MND a good play on words.

During Operation YouTube MND, Suzanne has not only remade old sites of hers, but she has even remade old YTMND sites made by other users too, since this is a movement that is meant to continue on the legacy of YTMND users in case YTMND shuts down forever.

Users such as DarthWang and pilleater were priorities for users who had their sites remade as YouTube videos.

Is Suzanne still a YTMND user?

Yes. Suzanne is still a YTMND user. But as of 2016, Suzanne is only a spiritual YTMND user, rather than an actual user which she was in 2015. Through Operation YouTube MND, we can let the legacy of being a YTMND user live on through YouTube videos that emulate the "look and feel" of YTMND sites, ranging from YouTube exclusives that were never actually posted on YTMND's Recently Created section, to remakes of classic YTMND sites made by other users.

In response to max deleting the Suzanne account on YTMND, this YouTube video of Suzanne giving a speech has been made so Suzanne could give an optimistic attitude about her stance on backing off from YTMND. Suzanne has been working hard to let the YTMND spirit live on through other websites, since her abundance mindset helps her find YTMNDetours from the fussy trolls that talk down on free entertainment activism.

Notable examples

YouTube video of Suzanne giving a speech, this video was not intended to remake, nor emulate the "look and feel" of a YTMND site, but it was made so Suzanne could speech her stance on how she has DECLARED INDEPENDENCE from YTMND Proper, even though other YTMND users want her back on YTMND Proper, even though she's going for the approach of remaking YTMND sites to at least prove the spirit of YTMND's site creativity.

YouTube copyfraud issues

Read more: YouTube Copyfraud Hostage Crisis

While YouTube still autoblocks some videos that contain forbidden audio, there's also been issues with copyright strikes from angry users on YouTube who look up to the Krooked Kopyfraud Krew.

Beavis and Butthead video upload side project

While the Supremo Zanne YouTube account got copyright strikes when trying to upload Beavis And Butthead videos using a special TV border frame to fool copyright bots, it was still flagged anyway. So in a panic some Beavis and Butthead episodes were pulled to protect the account from shutting down. For a while this account had a hiatus from uploading YouTube reamkes of YTMND sites for concerns over copyrighted audio, of which is why the Suzanne movement even started in the first place. This incident would be very unnerving for JohnnyLurg who has been a long-time fan of Beavis And Butthead.

Backup plans

As a backup plan, a sister YouTube channel called Susan Trepid was made with the aim to remake YTMND sites posted by Intrepid YTMND Alliance members, later on a YTMND account called SusanTrepid would be made as Suzanne's comeback account on YTMND Proper, and Operation YouTube MND would go onto a hiatus citing YouTube's issues with the Krooked Kopyfraud Krew.

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