Apr22-2015 U&C

April 22, 2015 @10:25PM EST, a YTMND site about Operation Nuni Q is #1.

Operation Nuni Q is the name of a proposed merger between the Salvo Underground Zone And Nerd Network Enterprise. This event started on April 22, 2015 while User:Rodanthe on this YTMND Wiki was brainstorming portmanteau words to refer to a possible merger between Nisa and Suzanne, then announced it on the Facebook page for the Suzanne movement. Nisa saw that post, then all hell broke loose with a new movement.

Origin of the even't name

The name Operation Nuni Q was coined by the Nunica Internet Social Allinace in response to a recent alliance between Nisa and Suzanne. Nuni Q is a name that parodies the name Nunica (part of Nisa's acronym, and the name of the city in Michigan that Nisa is located in). This name Nuni Q also stems from the name Susie Q which is a common nickname for the name Suzanne.


This event would lead to Locke5 calling out Nisa for "talking to himself", of which was an insult to free entertainment activists.

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