The Nunica Internet Social Alliance is a free entertainment activist group which started in 2011 on YTMND, though the name didn't surface until 2012


Back in 2011, some free entertainment activists from Nunica, Michigan started NunicaMusicChannel on YTMND, of which would be independent prior to the founding of the Nunica Internet Social Alliance.

In 2012, the Nunica Internet Social Alliance is officially founded

In April of 2013, the YTMND account, as well as alt accounts associated with YTMND users Nisa and NunicaMusicChannel were ordered shut down since the alt accounts abused the voting system. Some YTMND sites have even criticized YTMND user Nisa in early 2013.

In response to the shutdown of the alt accounts associated with Nisa on YTMND, the Nisa movement would start a record label titled Nisa Records, since this was their backup plan for uploading free music that YouTube would only block.

As of 2014, the YouTube channel of Nunica Music Channel shut down due to copyright strikes, though the backup channel Emcee Nisa is still active.

Recent affiliation with the Salvo Underground Zone And Nerd Network Enterprise

In April of 2015, the Salvo Underground Zone And Nerd Network Enterprise has coined new portmanteau words in anticipation to a merger with the Nisa movement, in which the Nisa movement saw that post and even agreed to propose a merger.

In May of 2015, Suzanne made a site that featured Nisa's reaction to SantabotAI's ban, in which SantabotAI was a Nisa activist back in 2013. Past rivalry: In September 2014, YouTube channel Salvo Music Waves started uploading lots of songs, and miscellaneous videos onto YouTube. Because Salvo Music Waves was able to upload 10+ minute videos to YouTube for a while, this left the Nisa movement at a disadvantage, though the Nisa movement would later start another music channel titled Emcee Nisa to challenge that.

in late 2014, YTMND user Suzanne has made some sites that have criticized Nisa.

YTMND accounts associated with the Nunica Internet Social Alliance

note: all of which have shut down

Allies of the Nunica Internet Social Alliance


Rivals of the Nunica Internet Social Alliance

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