NunicaMusicChannel is the name of a YTMND user who made YTMND sites between late 2011 and mid 2013.

Precursor to the Nunica Internet Social Alliance

YTMND user NunicaMusicChannel would be a precursor to the Nunica Internet Social Alliance activist group, since a strong ambition to lobby against Warner Music Group's copyfraud on YouTube would prompt him to post YTMND sites that were simply just advertised as "songs".


The personality that NunicaMusicChannel had was making sites on YTMND by simply referring to them as "songs", since this was an advertising tactic used by this user.


This YTMND user has suffered from low site ratings throughout the year 2012 since many long time YTMND users would mistake this user as a "spammer". This user would be mistaken for JohnnyLurg by many throughout that year. While anti-SOPA and anti-PIPA sites were being made in early 2012, this user would suffer from some downvoting since users didn't regard NunicaMusicChannel as an anti-copyfraud activist whom was just trying to tell YTMND users that YTMND doesn't suffer from YouTube's unfair audio blocking bots.

But just in general, users on YTMND take shit out of context even if intentions are good.


NunicaMusicChannel has impressed some YTMND user, however this user has had low ratings on the sites that would be advertised as "songs". This would be one out of many users associated with the Nisa movement on YTMND from back in 2013 who would be banned and eventually deleted, so which lead to the creation of Nisa Records which would be a response to Nisa's ban from YTMND at that time.

In 2015, when YTMND user Suzanne discovered that now-defunct YTMND users associted with her (or his) rival Nisa have been put on a web archive, it has lead to the discovery of old sites made by Nisa activists. After this discovery it has also been discovered that some site assets have remained on YTMND after the official ban and deletion of sites made by NunicaMusicChannel and other Nisa activists from back in 2013.

Here are some Suzanne Era sites that have repurposed assets from NunicaMusicChannel's sites:

  • Lofgren joins Suzanne (now deleted) (repurposes both the GIF and the MP3 of NunicaMusicChannel's old site)

External links

  • archived sites by NunicaMusicChannel (NunicaMusicChannel may have been removed from YTMND in 2013, but at least archives give some access to the YTMND assets associated with the sites.)

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