With the recent notion that this YTMND Wiki was a reason for Suzanne Era users getting deleted, we may have to put an moratorium on listing 2016 users on this article

This is an incomplete list of Notable YTMND Users.

The criteria for notability is as follows:

  • Users who started on YTMND between the Prehistoric Era and the Pre-Suzanne Era: Must have been active for more than one era
  • Users who started on YTMND during the Suzanne Era: Must have continued on into the Post-Million Era
  • Users who started on YTMND during the Post-Million Era: Must be active for more than 6 months

This criteria also includes users who were banned and users who were inactive between eras.

Some users who were only active during one era who made a huge impact will have some exceptions to the other rules.

Notable YTMND Users

because it's incomplete, or could use more items.

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